Alkaline foods: what they are, properties and benefits

Alkaline foods: what they are, properties and benefits

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Alkaline foods, those that allow us to have a balance in our body, that watch over our well-being. They have real benefits but be careful not to attribute magical powers to this category of foods that can divert us from true cures for even serious ailments. The alkaline diet largely a legend, it should not be thrown away but should be known and applied in the correct way. Nothing do it yourself but information and sharing with an expert.

THE Alkaline foods have residues not metabolized by the body with a basic pH, fruit and vegetables in general are, but there are also other foods with the same characteristics. The trick is not to consume alone Alkaline foods but in balancing the diet so that it doesn't is too acidic.

Alkaline or alkalizing foods

To achieve or keep our body in balance it is necessary to consume Alkaline foods in the right quantity so that ours is a correct diet. Their consumption must be daily, which often does not happen to the advantage of acidifying foods which should instead be reduced. Let's see why.

It is necessary that the pH is stable and on a value slightly towards the alkaline so that the vital processes can be efficient. In fact, if our pH tends to acid constantly, we are accumulating acidic toxins or we are losing precious basic elements such as calcium and sodium.

The risks of a diet with a low intake of Alkaline foods they range from obesity to chronic degenerative diseases, from the reduction of the efficiency of the immune system to faster cellular aging.

Alkaline foods and acidic foods

Alkaline and acidic foods they must combine well in our menu which cannot be based only on our whims of the day. When this happens we often find ourselves eating a lot of acid-forming foods such as foods rich in starch and low in fiber (refined flours and derivatives, bread, pasta, bread sticks, rusks, crackers, biscuits etc.), sugar, sweeteners, precooked foods. Animal proteins such as meat and poultry, fish, (including crustaceans and molluscs) also have the same acidifying effect and the same is true for dairy products, eggs.

If we want to compensate with a little Alkaline foods we begin to replace flours with whole grains and ingest pairs of foods that keep our pH within the recommended values. Let's see some winning combinations: cereals and fruit or seeds and fruit, vegetables and proteins or vegetables and cereals, dried fruit mix.

Alkaline foods: what they are

Without expecting miracles but certainly many typical benefits of a correct diet, let's see what alkaline foods are taking into account that they should on average be the protagonists of the 70-80% of our dishes. In addition, foods such as plums, broccoli, citrus fruits, pumpkin seeds, persimmons, watermelon, chestnuts, peppers, miso, garlic, asparagus and various salads, green mustard, ginger and fruit such as melon, blackberry, mango.

Even the potatoes eaten with the peel they are alkaline foods and dried and dried fruits (almonds and cashews), baking soda and sea salt.

Alkaline foods: properties and benefits

There are cases in which it is particularly recommended to prefer alkaline foods, always keeping an eye on the pH which must be medium tending to slightly acidic but not too much. THE alkaline foods they show anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antioxidant, energizing and invigorating properties.

Those who particularly need fiber, mineral salts and vitamins should eat plenty of them but first of all it must be safeguarded the balance between alkalinity and acidity in order to strengthen the immune system, improve digestive and intestinal functions and prevent cellular aging, detoxifying us.

Alkaline foods against cancer: no scientific basis

As some may have noticed, the anticancer effect of alkaline foods is not mentioned because it is not real at all. No serious study has ever shown that alkaline diets have any cancer prevention or cure effect due to the pH and in general it must be clear that today there is no diet that alone can cure cancer.

This does not detract from many alkaline foods are healthy and necessary to be well and that if we are generally well, everything is going better, but cancer has no connection with pH of our menu.

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