How to clean laminated parquet

How to clean laminated parquet

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How to clean laminated parquet: instructions for accuratecleaningof the parquet floor laminate. Maintenance and advice on how to remove scratches and stains from the surface.

Theparquetit is an elegant floor, it manages to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere but ... requires demanding treatments (for further information: parquet maintenance). Thelaminate flooringrepresents a valid alternative to traditional parquet with solid wood strips. Thelaminate flooringit has a high resistance to stains and scratches and does not require special treatments.

Laminate flooring, characteristics

Thelaminate, also saidlayered parquet, can vary greatly in its composition. Thelaminated parquetis made by superimposing several layers of die-cast material, the most common one is given by a balancing layer (a base support) and an external finish made of HDF (high Density fibreboard, wood fiber), a material obtained from wood processing.

Technically it's not about wooden floorsbut they have aesthetic characteristics that refer to classic parquet and for this reason we often hear aboutfake parquet.

How to clean laminate or imitation parquet

Thefake parquetorlaminate combines the practicality of a classic floor with the refinement of traditional parquet. Thelaminated parquetit is not very sensitive to scratches and does not stain easily. Despite its practicality and resistance, it is important to respect some simple rules in the phasecleaningof the laminate.

  1. To sweep the laminate
    To remove dust from the laminate floor, we recommend using a static cloth or a broom with soft bristles. If you don't want to buy soft bristled brooms, you can use a classic broom by covering the bristles with a nylon stocking that will behave like an electrostatic cloth. There is no contraindication to the use of vacuum cleaners, on the contrary, it is a faster solution.
  2. To wash the laminate
    It is true that laminated parquet is more resistant to water and humidity than solid wood parquet, but it is better to use well-wrung cloths when washing. With the wet cloth, perform longitudinal movements between the strips of laminate, moving in a zigzag manner.
  3. Natural detergents to polish the fake parquet
    The laminate floor can be washed with specific chemicals or natural do-it-yourself detergents. An excellent solution for removing stains and dirt fromlaminateconsists of creating a mixture with just warm water, vinegar and alcohol. How to prepare this natural detergent to wash the fake parquet? Fill a bucket of water (about three liters), add half a glass of white wine vinegar and a glass of alcohol.
    This solution should be wiped with a soft microfibre cloth, always well wrung out.
  4. How to remove stains from laminate parquet
    If your fake parquet is stained, you can use a few drops of liquid dish detergent, rich in surfactants. Avoid using "random" detergents, some may contain ammonia or its derivatives, which are extremely harmful to the wood fiber surface. Ammonia or too aggressive detergents risk dulling the surface of the laminate parquet.

How to remove scratches from laminate flooring

To delete the scratches from faux parquet or laminate, on the market, there are ready-to-use kits that are easy to manage. These kits fill the crack created by the scratch, restoring a perfectly homogeneous surface both to the eye (in color) and to the touch (uniformly smooth). These kits can be used for parquet, imitation parquet or laminate but also for furniture and any oiled, lacquered or natural wood surface. The kits to repair the laminate from scratches consist of synthetic waxes that onceloosewith a special applicator, they solidify going to fill the crack of the scratch. The use of the product is described with the photo above. In the kit there are 11 cylinders, for as many shades oflaminate.

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