Laika of eastern siberia

Laika of eastern siberia

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Laika of Eastern Siberia, it seems like a dog unknown to us who live so far away and enjoy such a different climate, yet there is this Laika from eastern Siberia and there is also the similar Laika from western Siberia.

Both are breeds originating from Russia and belong to the spitz and primitive type group of dogs. But now let's talk about the Laika of eastern siberia, the protagonist, who unlike the other Western Laika, it is practically unknown outside the Russian borders. It is an animal of medium size and sturdy build, muscular but without being heavy.

Laika of eastern siberia: characteristics

An adult male specimen of Laika of eastern siberia at the withers it measures 63 cm, the females reach 61 cm, too. In both cases the physique is robust and balanced, with a broad and muscular chest and limbs, all four, straight and parallel, with rounded feet. The tail of this Russian dog it is sickle-shaped, in some cases rolled up, usually long up to the hock.

The head of the Laika it is conical in shape and the stop is not at all marked, the muzzle is rather thin and ends with a black or brown nose, color allowed if the hair is white or light yellow. The eyes are also dark and oval in shape, not very large, placed obliquely, the ears are straight and triangular, almost pointed.

Turning to the mantle of Laika of eastern siberia, it is first of all "designed" to protect, so it is big and hard, it can be salt and pepper, white, gray, black, red or brown in all their nuances, there are also specimens with spotted or sprays on the limbs.

Laika of eastern siberia: character

Despite the cold - perhaps he doesn't suffer from it like us - the Laika of eastern siberia he is always lively, balanced and in a good mood. The environment in which he lives, therefore, did not affect his mood but it certainly taught him to to be independent and so remained of disposition, even when he goes to live with a family. In its favor it can be said that it does not require great attention, just cleaning the coat every now and then, but does not suffer from winter.

Laika of eastern siberia: herds

We can also look for it by calling it East Siberian Laika, but this breed is not bred in Italy in any structure that is officially recognized by ENCI.

This breed to be known for us Italians, and all Europeans, or almost all of them, is the result of the cross between varieties Different Laikas (Ewenkien, Lamutslen, dell'Amur and others) who lived in the forests of eastern Siberia and the Far East. This is why it has all the characteristics of a hunting dog, but also a sled and shooting dog.

Laika from eastern siberia: price

Known and available only in Russia, it is almost impossible to evaluate this dog in euros, which has a very strict standard, no offense is tolerated. To see almost perfect specimens you have to visit it in its natural habitat, cold, but it's worth it.

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