Drain the clogged drain

Drain the clogged drain

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Drain the clogged drain: how to free the clogged drains from the accumulation of dirt, limescale or small objects fallen by mistake.

Oneclogged drainit is always a big problem: it generates bad smells, prevents the flow of water and creates poor hygiene conditions.

Forgush out a clogged drainthe intervention of a plumber is not always necessary. It's possibledrain the clogged drainwith a simple do-it-yourself intervention. We can proceed tounclog the sinkor any other clogged drain by choosing from six systems all quite efficient.

How to gush a drain using disgorging liquids

Special caustic soda-based disgorging liquids are available on the market. These products must be poured down the drain and are able to dissolve the accumulated material that causes the occlusion. These products, although effective, are highly corrosive, very harmful to human health and the environment, so we do not recommend their use.

For a “softer” approach, you can try some DIY disgorging mixes. For the recipes, please visit the pagehow to unclog the sink.

How to unclog a clogged drain with the plunger

The classic plunger with suction cup is much more effective than you can imagine. On the market, pump plungers have become even easier to use. Before using a plunger, make sure that the suction cup adheres well to the edges of the pipe to be gushed.

The pump plunger is an accessory to keep at home, we recommend purchasing it so you can use it promptly at the first signs ofclogged drain.

Drain the clogged drain by acting on the siphon

Generally the obstruction accumulates near the siphon, therefore just below the sink drain. If the obstruction is very intense, you can open the siphon by unscrewing the lower part.

If the siphon is locked very tightly, you may need a strap wrench. During this operation, keep the pipes protruding from the wall or starting from the sink still so as not to allow any movement.

Wash each part of the removed siphon to eliminate limescale deposits and other accumulated dirt. Also carefully clean the pipes connected to the siphon. Assemble everything again.

How to unclog the drain with a metal probe

The metal probe is used when the obstruction is located in an inaccessible area of ​​the pipes. The metal probe consists of a more or less thick flexible wire. This probe is useful for clearing obstructions that are more difficult to reach with other instruments. This is the last resort for DIY. How to use?

Insert the metal probe inside the clogged drain. If the occlusion is very far away and is located distal from the siphon, you will have to lower a lot of metal wire.

The most effective flexible probes are the spiral ones which allow movement by means of a special knob on the back. Spiral metal probes are very useful for both internal obstructions and external sump obstructions.

Flexible metal probes can be purchased from plumbing or construction stores. It is important to choose a robust and quality product to avoid the risk of breaking the flexible probe during work. Among the various market proposals, we point out an excellent plumbing probe with a manually operated knob. The probe in question is 10 meters long, has a knob with a wooden handle and is suitable for unclogging the classic internal pipes, sewers or the garden well. The product is offered on Amazon at a price of 17.91 euros with free shipping.

If the problem is limescale

The clogged pipes aren't they the only problem with your taps? If the excessive hardness of the water causes strong limescale deposits, you can play prevention: the bathroom and kitchen taps will be brighter and less prone to limescale incrustations if you occasionally pass a rag soaked in Vaseline over them.

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