Induction hob: opinions and consumption

Induction hob: opinions and consumption

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Induction hob, in Italy it is not as widespread as in other neighboring countries, partly for economic reasons, in addition to different energy policies, but partly also because it is not yet clear what are the advantages that can be obtained by choosing this type of device.

Compared to gas stoves, for example, the Induction hob it certainly has more points in aesthetics and practicality, given how easy it is to clean it. There is also the aspect of safety that works in its favor since there are no flames, no dangers of gas leaks, and not even burn yourself as the glass ceramic of which the surface of this top is made remains cold around the pots.

Costs, consumption, cooking times, the peculiarity of type of cookware that can be used, are other factors to consider and not all of them are in favor of the induction hob. However, those who are attentive to their cooking and want faster and more precise cooking, can only choose this solution since it allows you to set different temperature levels and, thanks to the booster function, even boil water in a few minutes.

Induction hob: what it is

The Induction hob it does not lose heat as often happens with gas stoves, in fact in this case the heat spreads evenly over the pot. There are some coils hidden under the glass ceramic hob, they are powered by electricity and are able to heat the pots in a short time thanks to the magnetic field they generate and which by transmission transfers directly to their bottom. That's why, as we will see, not all pots are suitable for Induction hob

Induction hob: how it works

The Induction hob First of all, it only works with pans that have a perfectly flat bottom, but that's not all. We have to be very careful about the material of which the bottom layer is made: it must be ferrous. This is because otherwise the magnetic field fails to activate.

It seems trivial but if you already have many copper, aluminum and terracotta pots, or if you love to cook with non-stick pans with aluminum bottoms, if you want a Induction hob we have to give it up and change the whole battery.

There would be a remedy but its effectiveness is questionable: these are adapter discs that are not particularly expensive, but which many claim that they increase the time and cost of the Induction hob.

Induction hob: opinions

Not everyone is a lover of Induction hob and it is true that it has limits, but there are far less convenient solutions both on a practical and environmental level. For example, the halogen radiant hob has a poor thermal efficiency (about 45-60%), higher than that of gas but which cannot compete with the Induction hob. If we are green, however, we cannot close our eyes to the waste of energy due to the fact that the glass ceramic retains a lot of heat.

Induction hob: consumption

The induction system has a very high yield, around 90%, stands out from this point of view among its peers that release heat from the flame dispersing it into the environment, but before making rash choices, it is advisable to inquire and verify that the electrical system and power lines are suitable for this type of system.

In fact, the electrical power absorbed by the coils is quite high and if we are one of those who turn on several appliances at the same time, it is likely that the Induction hob require us to increase the bargaining power. It goes without saying that the fixed costs in the bill also increase. For more information on how much they weigh on your bill, please refer to the page:induction hobs, consumption.

Induction hob: price

To get an idea of ​​the prices of the induction hob, we can consult the dedicated article: "Induction hobs: costs“, Without forgetting to evaluate advantages and disadvantages even in the long term.

Bosch induction hob: top quality

If we are convinced and can afford it, we choose the best Induction hob which can also be purchased on Amazon for 360 euros.

Portable induction hob

If you have a cottage in the mountains or by the sea, if you want to cook every day in a different room or on the balcony, what is right for us is the Portable induction hob at 28 euros on Amazon. Despite being small, it turns out to be really practical and will not limit us in our creative recipes, on the contrary, it will make us even more imaginative. This model is also equipped with a multifunction button system, 4 digital displays and a practical preset timer of up to 3 hours that allows us to do more while cooking our dinner or the ragù prepared for lasagna.

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