Hot glue for recycled creations

Hot glue for recycled creations

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Hot glueIt is a pity to use it only for chores at school, it is also very useful for housework, small creations for adults or large creations for children, to fix furniture and much more. Let's see how it is used and how to avoid making messes by turning irreparable damage into "technical problems".

For those who do not have this clearly what is hot glue, or maybe he has heard of it as a thermocolla, he must think of a glue that is "fired" with a sort of gun that contains a resistance capable of melting the solid glue stick that we ourselves insert as a very long bulletor. This gun has nothing to do with war contexts, but of course it must be used with caution because the temperatures to melt the stick are high.

Hot glue: how to use it

Just pay attention to what we are doing without getting distracted with anything else and it is really easy to use Hot glue. After inserting the stick in the special photo that we immediately recognize inside the gun, we must connect the gun plug to the current and in less than 5 minutes the glue will melt thanks to the fact that the resistance heats up.

By pressing the trigger of the gun if we have waited the necessary time without burning the stages, we will see a thin thread of thick and liquid glue come out ready to do its duty. which can be affixed to the desired surface and previously prepared. To achieve the desired effect with the Hot glue it is also necessary that the surfaces involved are completely dry and degreased, otherwise there is a risk of disappointment.

Hot glue: how to remove it

On the one hand it is an advantage, but it can become a double-edged sword. I refer to the fact that the hot glue after less than 10 minutes, when it has dried, it is very difficult to detach. The surfaces we have joined remain close forever or almost, we can give alcohol a try hoping that it is possible to detach the hot glue from what we have glued unintentionally.

Hot glue creations

Lately it is also gaining momentum to remove dents from cars there Hot glue but it is often used to create. I remember it being used by the kindergarten teacher who was terrified that some of us little ones would pick it up and get burned.

Once I reached the age to be able to take this gun in my hand, I realized the many possible creations that it makes achievable with maximum ease. No nails or other inventions to join apparently incompatible surfaces, the imagination can indulge.

Colored hot glue

Especially when used for DIY jobs, to fix furniture or objects, the Hot glue of the original color is not always the best in terms of aesthetics and until the colored version has arrived this glue has paid the flaw of the whitish color, sometimes too much in contrast with the surfaces concerned. Today it is easily found there Hot glue colorful, let's take it into consideration more when we need to step in and unite.

Hot glue: price

Despite the effectiveness and versatility of this glue, its price is very low. Gun with stick can usually be purchased for 10 or 15 Euros, then you can refuel endlessly, varying color and the "refills" cost 4 Euros.

Hot glue for plastic

In general the Hot glue it works well with plastic but in particular two there are two that I can also recommend for wood, cardboard, ceramics, fabric and fabrics in general. One is EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) which cools quickly and also bonds porous surfaces in a couple of minutes, dissolving only with solvents.

And then there is the PUR which can also be applied in aqueous solution or with solvents, cold. Both are also suitable on humid days and being excellent for plastics are the ones to buy to learn later How to recycle plastic caps.

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