Zinc: food and what it is used for

Zinc: food and what it is used for

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Zinc, a chemical element that we all know is in our bodies, but where and why? With the many food supplements that today are advertised, even rattling off endless lists of names of substance that should make us feel fit, it is not easy to have and keep clear ideas.

So you end up trading it zinc with some other element, therefore it is better to clarify which foods we can find it in and what are the situations in which we may have the greatest need of zinc in our body that contains it especially in the muscles, in white and red blood cells, in the retina of the eye, in the liver, in the kidneys, in the bones and in the pancreas.

Then we will find out better but I anticipate that this element is a lot important for protein synthesis and for a good functioning of the immune system. It is undoubtedly essential for our life as human beings.

Zinc: foods

If it's as valuable as it proves to be, let's see which foods provide us with the most. At the top of the list of foods with more zinc is thereand cooked oysters and, even if less, the raw ones. Even cereals, wheat germ and poppy seeds they are excellent sources of this element as well as to decrease in quantity, the yeast and the delicious dark chocolate. That's right, here's a good excuse not to give it up!

Zinc: what is it for

Now that we know what to serve on the table for fill up with Zinc, let's ask ourselves what is needed without necessarily going to the trust of those who recommended it to us. The immune system and the digestive system are the parts of the body that benefit most, the most evident results emerge in the control of diabetes and in general in the production process of energy for the body.

Even in case of inflammation and chronic skin infections Zinc is very useful, for example, when we are deficient, eczema can appear which then passes if we better balance our nutrition. Now that we are in the most risky season, it is good to specify that it is also used to mitigate the cold and sore throat symptoms.

In addition, for men, zinc gives a hand in the sperm production and development of the sexual organs while for women it is particularly important during pregnancy as it is an essential nutrient for the newborn.

Turning to children, it seems that the deficiency of this element can hinder growth and slow sexual development but it is nothing that is not remedied by getting back in line with the zinc on the plate.

Zinc: hair

For those who are not yet convinced they have need zinc, must now take note that it is very good for the hair, too, as well as for the eyes. And who has lost appetite, of food and life, with this element can recover. It often happens that when something is good for the hair, it is also good for the skin and it is precisely what occurs in this case where there is also a benefit for skin who will be with fewer pimples and less at risk of acne.

Zinc: color

White is the color of zinc, well represented by zinc oxide, (ZnO) which at room temperature is decidedly white, solid and even odorless, very soluble in acidic or alkaline solutions but almost not at all in water. This is not one of the many white oxides, because the powder we find on the market, made of hexagonal crystals, it is called proper zinc white and remains this color even when hit by ultraviolet light.

Excess of Zinc

So far we have said how useful, indeed essential, it is Zinc, but there is always a measure of reasonableness to be maintained. Adults have a maximum of 40 milligrams per day which it is better not to overcome because, even if it is a rare fact, if you take toxic quantities you can experience vomiting and nausea.

A number written without context can give us little advice if we are not experts, so we take into account that the average amount a person has ranges from 2 to 3 grams, usually used in metabolic processes and then disappear in the feces and urine.

For the men the recommended dose is 11 milligrams, for women it is 9, children, for example, it is good that if they are less than 8 years old, they take a maximum of 5 milligrams a day.

Zinc: supplement

Not all organisms absorb Zinc likewise, there are many factors that come into play. For example, if we eat a lot of wholemeal bread, with its phytates this food can reduce the absorption of this mineral, the same goes for cereals and legumes, for the same reason.

If we want to know which foods have the opposite effect: soy proteins, glucose and red wine. To ensure our correct zinc dose, we can always turn to this vitamin and mineral supplement for sports for 13 euros, on Amazon, supplies us not only with zinc, but also of magnesium and vitamin B6. In one package there are 120 capsules and are recommended for those who need to strengthen their muscles or sleep better.

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