Corn starch for hair, instructions for use

Corn starch for hair, instructions for use

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Advice on how to use thecorn starch for hair care curly or straight. For soft, shiny hair and well-defined curls.

What is corn starch used for?

In the kitchen, corn starch is used to make sweets softer and more crumbly ... in cosmetics, the same ingredients can also soften skin and hair! Let's see, in detail, how to treat hair by exploiting the properties of corn starch.

Corn starch, for natural hair care, can be useful in three circumstances and in this article we will analyze them in detail.

  • Corn starch for straight hair
    Tips on how to make wraps to make hair softer and shinier.
  • Corn starch for curly hair
    How to prepare a natural gel capable of defining perfect, luminous and light curls.
  • Corn starch for oily and greasy hair
    A cornstarch-based pack is useful in the case of a scalp with hyper-production of sebum, an excellent remedy for oily hair.

Corn starch for hair

L'cornstarch or maiezena, it is very cheap and is easily found on supermarket shelves, in the department dedicated to sweets and not together with flours.

Corn starch includespropertyemollients, absorbents and cleansers, and for this reason it is useful in natural cosmetics, for body care.

Pre-shampoo pack for soft and shiny hair

Although this pack is suitable for all hair types, it will be particularly useful for those with oily hair. This pack not only softens the hair but is an excellent remedy against greasy and greasy hair from excess sebum.

To prepare this natural hair pack based oncornstarchyou will need:

  • 200 ml of water (about a cup)
  • 30 grams of cornstarch (about 2 tablespoons)

By mixing these two ingredients together you will get a very viscous compound to be applied to the hair to make it softer and more shiny. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Sift the cornstarch to remove any lumps.
  2. Place the water in a saucepan and heat over low heat, add the corn starch.
  3. Mix well to prevent lumps from forming.
  4. Observe the mixture, after a few minutes you will notice that the color and texture change.

When the mixture has cooled, you can use it as a pre shampoo pack to keep on for about 30 minutes.

Corn starch gel for curly hair

The same compound described above can be transferred into a spray bottle and used as a gel for curly hair. The mixture made with the union of corn starch and water, returns well-defined, light and not weighed down curls.

The classic gels that we find on the market, unfortunately weigh down the hair ... this side effect can be completely remedied with the homemade gel.

To enhance the effect of the pack or to perfume your DIY hair gel, you can take advantage of the properties of essential oils.

For an emollient pack that can counteract hair loss, add a few drops ofCedar essential oil. To moisturize and protect the hair (and at the same time perfume the gel) you can use birch essential oil which has important revitalizing properties.

The use of corn starch for body care has no contraindications, however, those with very dry and dehydrated skin should limit its use.

For a natural styling, in addition tocorn starch gel, you can use homemade gel made from flax seeds, aloe vera and other readily available ingredients. For the complete guide, please visit the pagehomemade hair gel.

In case of curly, dry, brittle and dull hair, in addition to the starch-based gel of masi, you may be interested in the remedies seen on the page: how to nourish the hair.

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