Stiff neck, natural remedies

Stiff neck, natural remedies

Stiff neck, natural remedies: advice on how to treat a stiff neck using homeopathic remedies, home remedies and targeted exercises.

Stiff neck, the causes

Trauma, sudden movements, stress, tension, incorrect postures and air blows are thecausesmore common that trigger thestiff neck.

Thestiff neckprevents normal head rotation and iscausedfrom excessive contracture of the lateral muscles of the neck. Excessive contracture is accompanied by a painful state which, as stated, can have multiple causes.

How to prevent a stiff neck

Often the cause of a stiff neck is sudden changes in temperature, a cold humid climate, poor postures ...prevent stiff neckeliminate all risk factors.

  • Avoid sleeping in an uncomfortable position for the neck. The use of a cervical pillow is an excellent solution for prevent the appearance of stiff neck and eliminate any morning headaches.
  • Dry your hair thoroughly before going out, especially in the evening or after swimming.
  • In summer, moderate the use of air conditioning or fans.
  • At your desk, strive to assume correct postures, especially if you sit for many hours.
  • Be careful not to stretch your neck too far to look at the display of smartphones and tablets.
  • If you lift weights, make sure you do it the right way without overstressing only one side of the body because you would generate tension right at the cervical level.
  • In winter, avoid "hot - cold" temperature changes. If you leave the house where you had the radiator at 25 ° C, wear a very heavy coat to cushion the change in temperature.

Personal experience:
I myself often suffered fromstiff neckand headaches that I often dragged through the whole day from the morning. After several visits to physiotherapists and posturologists he discovered that everything was caused by the position I took to sleep. I solved my recurring stiff neck and headache problems simply by changing pillows and positions. The pillow used tends to relieve muscle tension in the cervical area. I personally useTempur Qeen Large neck pillow, it is a bit expensive but I have gained it in terms of quality of life. It costs, on Amazon, 140 euros with free shipping costs. Tempur itself produces modelsMediumorSmallless expensive but I don't recommend them because this one (the queen large model) is not that big. Just enough to accommodate the neck well (64 cm).

Stiff neck, miral exercises

To relieve neck pain it is possible to undergo sessions ofgentle massagesand targeted exercises. Typically, theexercisesto relieve thestiff neckthey are performed with eyes closed and breathing slowly. The first exercise is the simplest and consists ofhead rotation.

Head rotation

It is performed by slowly bringing the head from the center, first to the right and then to the left, keeping the chin on an imaginary line parallel to the shoulders. So in this exercise, avoid bending your head too much or tilting your head back. Maintain the position of the chin and follow slow but fluid movements.

Head flexion

From the center, slowly bring the right ear to the right shoulder first and then the left ear to the right shoulder. Perform the movements slowly and then alternate bringing the left ear to the left shoulder and the right ear to the left shoulder (in practice you have to rotate the head).

Stiff neck, natural and homeopathic remedies

There are many herbal ointments that can be used to relieve a stiff neck. Here are the best natural remedies to relieve a stiff neck:

  • Arnica montana
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tiger balm

On the market there are not rare preparations based on extracts ofmountain arnica, among the first on the market we point out theArtrogelregistered by the British agencyMedicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.In Italy, the arnica-based gel preparation is quite popular, theArnica Gel Forte , available on Amazon at a price of 15 euros for a 100 gram tube.

  • Devil's claw

Great because it contains said compoundsharpagosideswhich perform a very strong analgesic function.

  • Hypericum oil

It is indicated when the stiff neck causes intense pain as well as contracture. The active ingredient responsible for its properties is hypericin, a substance capable of accelerating the tissue regeneration process. St. John's wort oil infusion, also known as St. John's Oil, is popular for moisturizing, nourishing and toning the skin.

  • Trentuno oil

It is an oil widely used in homeopathy, composed of the active ingredients of 31 types of medicinal herbs. Very balsamic, non-greasy and has a good analgesic effect, it is well absorbed.

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