Kindness: green phrases and examples

Kindness: green phrases and examples

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Kindness, we hear a lot about it and it may seem that we do it because it sounds good, or not to be the only ones who… But kindness is very green. Those who love the environment cannot fail to be kind, with nature, animals, plants and people, as part of nature. Likewise, who is kind, rarely does not respect the environment, it would be an enormous, intolerable contradiction.

Kindness definition

It is difficult to give a single and concise definition that it encompasses all shades of Kindness. Who is kind, what it means and doesn't need the dictionary to remember it. Being kind, that's for sure, costs nothing, just a little good will and it's a practice that is associated to patience, listening, respect for all living beings.

Kindness: phrases

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be gentle. Always (Plato)
A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can shape wonders and work miracles (William Hazlitt)
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible (Dalai Lama)
Wherever there is a human being, there is a chance for a kindness. (Seneca)
Keep this treasure, kindness, well within yourself. Learn to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without narrow-mindedness. (George Sand)

Kindness: green examples

I stated that respect for the environment and the Kindness they go hand in hand and it is not a theoretical question. There are millions of green examples where it is "just" a matter of kindness. Being kind to nature means not throwing paper on the ground, not letting the water flow more than necessary, at home, do not waste food and electricity.

It also means choosing what we buy also on the basis of organic principles and making those who live with us aware of how small daily habits they can be a way to caress, with kindness, the environment that hosts us just as kindly.

Kindness: plants

Plants do not speak but they hear well whether we treat them with kindness or not, even just from how we arrange them in the pot and how we look at them as we pass by. A loving and respectful gaze nourishes them as much as an organic fertilizer, and it costs nothing, like every gesture of Kindness. We can go a step further and take care of them, water them and prune them with Kindness, starting to follow the advice illustrated in our article on How to water the plants.

Kindness: animals

Similar to what happens with plants, even with animals, Kindness is the first rule. Indeed, in this case if they do not have the word, these creatures are often well able to make us understand that they have no intention of suffering violence and abuse. Treat animals with kindness it is banal but never taken for granted, even in everyday life, even the most loved dog can run into absences of kindness, perhaps because we don't have time or we don't want to.

It is important not to make the Dogs as a gift of lightning rods. Even the wild ones deserve all the kindness we are able to show off and, if we are talking about distant animals, this translates into a general respect for the environment. It is a kind gesture that touches them indirectly but deeply. Just think of the many animals that have become extinct due to man.

Kindness: books

Who doesn't mind being a bearer of Kindness, I recommend a book that will make him change his mind and understand that, even selfishly, it is better to be or become one. Is titled "The power of kindness”, I just let you imagine what can be achieved by being courteous.

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