Lighting a garden without electricity

Lighting a garden without electricity

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DIY solutions for illuminate a garden without electricity. How to design a illuminated gardenwithout having to expand the electrical system.

Thanks torenewable energiesit's possiblelight up a gardeneven without planning an expansion of the electricity grid. Traditional street lamps require the landlord to lengthen the electrical system and design underground cables to connect the garden lamps to the home electrical network.

An electric garden lamp post can only be installed after having dug a hole in which a concrete casting must be made to contain the electric cables. All the instructions forDIY installation of a garden lamp that works with electricity, are available on the page: how to install a street lamp. In this article we will focus ongarden lightingwithout electricity.

Photovoltaic eneria to illuminate traditional garden lamps

A traditional street lamp can be powered by solar energy without the need to expand the electrical system. Just connect the street lamp (or street lamps) to a photovoltaic garden kit.

This solution could be convenient when there are real limitations in expanding the electricity network. An island photovoltaic kit to bring electricity to the garden has prices ranging from 100 to 1500 euros. With a 1000 euro kit it is possible to illuminate about 12 50w LED headlights with a capacity of 1200 lumens each.

For pricing information:
island solar kit on Amazon

Lighting a garden without electricity

Manyoutdoor lampsthey were born forilluminate the garden withouta power connection, simply by exploiting solar energy directly: they integrate photovoltaic modules.

There are many LED devices powered with rechargeable solar energy on the market: from classic garden lamps to small spotlights, from wall lights to recessed floor LEDs.

These devices have photovoltaic technology in common: they integrate a panel (more or less efficient), a storage battery and a twilight sensor. When the sun begins to set, the twilight sensor activates the LED which is powered by the storage battery. The storage battery is in turn powered by solar energy collected by the photovoltaic panel during the hours of light. In practice, i photovoltaic garden lights they accumulate energy during the day to use it during the hours of darkness for outdoor lighting.

How much light can a photovoltaic lighthouse make?

It's all a question of prices!
The photo above shows aoutdoor solar powered street lampwith 48 LEDs capable of providing 2000 lumens of light (really a lot of light!). It integrates a 15 Watt photovoltaic panel, battery included and an autonomy of 3 days when the sun is able to guarantee a full charge. The street lamp has motion sensors and crespuscular sensors. The motion sensors maximize lighting in the presence of people or cars, when the headlight does not perceive any presence, it lowers the lighting to 600 lumens.

It is clear that this is a useful product only in transit areas: near gates, doors, in the area where you maneuver with the car or in the area of ​​the garden dedicated to children's activities.

For all information on the product, I refer you to the official Amazon page: BIG-ALL-IN-ONE lamppost.The price is not negligible: € 321.40 including shipping costs.

A more suitable product for static conditions, which delivers a continuous flow of light, is the SFERA solar powered street lamp. Equipped with an attractive design and 48 white light LEDs capable of producing a luminous flux of 900 lumens (good amount of light). Also in this case the price exceeds 300 euros.

For all information on the product, I refer you to the official Amazon page: Sfera LED street lamp.

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