Low erythrocytes: remedies

Low erythrocytes: remedies

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Low erythrocytes, or in the urine, they can worry us, better find out what it means to have them and how we can remedy them. High or low, they are Red blood cells and about 40% of the volume of our blood is made up of them.

Erythrocytes: normal values

When it comes to normal values, it is always necessary to point out that what is written does not replace the opinion of a doctor. The "number" of erythrocytes it is one of the most important to measure because it is considered an indicator of an individual's health status. A simple blood test is enough to know if we have Low erythrocytes and if we suffer from some pathologies.

In plasma, in addition to our red blood cells, there are also white ones and platelets, but what distinguishes Erythrocytes in particular is the hemoglobin they contain, responsible for the red color. It is not an aesthetic question, this substance is involved in the transport of oxygen from the pulmonary alveoli to the tissues.

The procedure of erythrocyte formation - erythropoiesis - is quite long and, in physiological conditions, varies from 8 to 10 days. They have an average life of 120 days, about 4 months, and then undergo erythrocateresis: the process of destruction of the "old" red blood cells that occurs in the spleen. From the process of elimination of red blood cells, our body is able to obtain iron, the heme group and hemoglobin.

We can speak of normal values ​​when fromblood test results in 4.4 - 6.0 per 10 (12) per liter in men and at 4.0 - 5.3 per 10 (12) per liter in women, below these limits we have Low erythrocytes. This can mean that we have anemia or that there are bleeding, ulcers or nutritional deficiencies.

It also cares about High erythrocytes, often a consequence of severe dehydration or a simple stay at too high an altitude, these values ​​can also be a sign of the presence of gastrointestinal viruses or diabetes.

High Erythrocyte Worrying Values they must be investigated because they could possibly also be a signal of the presence of pathologies such as thrombosis, cardiovascular diseases, angina and heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms and, in the most serious cases, also tumors and leukemias.

Low erythrocytes

The causes of the presence of Low erythrocytes are numerous and varied, among the most frequent there are problems such as respiratory failure, the increase in the volume of red blood cells, thalassemia, anemia and hemorrhages.It can also be a symptom of fatigue or weakness, combined shortness of breath and increased heart rate, dizziness or dizziness.

Returning to the cases in which behind the Low erythrocytes anemia hides, what occurs is a decrease in the oxygen transport of the blood, which is why there are signs of fatigue, pallor, palpitations. There are anemias related to the destruction of the same red blood cells but also to trauma suffered or nutritional deficiencies that are concentrated above all on the absence of iron, folate and vitamin B12. They can similarly be linked to bone marrow problems or chronic inflammatory disorders or kidney failure.

Erythrocytes in the urine

If we are found Erythrocytes in the urine it is necessary to deepen our state of health because it is not normal. If this happens, we are talking about hematuria, we should not be alarmed but simply contact a doctor and understand the reasons for this anomaly. Values ​​like 0-2 per field are not significant, they are just normal sediments, but if our numbers are higher, we understand why?

One of the reasons may be in women, the simple existence of the menstrual cycle, for all, however, the most frequent reason is the use of drugs such as aspirin, atropine, sulfonamides, anticoagulants. Renal tuberculosis and blood clotting problems can also cause them to be there Hematocrites in our urine and the same goes for stones, leukemias, benign and malignant neoplasms, liver cirrhosis or, always going towards more serious hypotheses, even renal infarction, prostate hypertrophy or adenocarcinoma.

Low erythrocytes: remedies

First, if we find values ​​of Unwelcome red blood cells, we act on nutrition by trying to follow the advice of experts. It takes a little, nothing overwhelming, but we strongly limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, we often choose foods rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin A and iron and we do physical activity regularly, preferably outdoors.

Pregnancy erythrocytes

More pregnant than ever i erythrocyte values ​​are to be monitored. If they are too high it can be a problem of respiratory insufficiency, as well as polycythemia and thalassemia, on the contrary if they are too low, they can indicate anemia or ongoing bleeding. In both cases, without panicking, we consider the values ​​outside the expected gap, of the warning lights

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