Tips for frying well

Tips for frying well

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Tips for frying well: from the ideal temperature for frying, to the best oil to choose from. How to have crispy fries and perfect breading.

Frying is an ancient cooking method, which dates back to the first century AD. C. It is cooking by conduction, like boiling, but takes place in a fat rather than in water and with a higher temperature, around 160-170 ° C.

Best frying pans

A good pan can give excellent results fried food. If you have to fry potatoes, chicken wings, croquettes, vegetable meatballs and other medium-large sized foods, more than a pan, you should take a higher pot with basket.

A lower pan may be useful for fry the vegetables. Sliced ​​courgettes or aubergines, diced aubergines (mushroom aubergines), sliced ​​courgettes, peppers ... If you are looking for a good pan for frying, you can use ceramic pans or aluminum pans, it will be important to use plenty of oil.

For more complex frying, as stated, it would be better to use a pan with a basket so as to completely immerse the food to be fried. Choose a pot with a basket and lid. The basket must have a comfortable handle and the cap will be useful for longer frying (chicken wings, nuggets, meats…).

For the sake of completeness, we recommend a product with an excellent value for money: theArcusine frying panproposed on Amazon at a cost of 22.33 euros with free shipping costs.

Ideal temperature of the oil for frying with or without a thermometer

At what temperature to start frying food?The right temperature of the oil depends on the oil used but above all on the food we have to fry. Generally, the oil temperature must never exceed 170 ° C!

A kitchen thermometer is an easy to use and very economical tool. For info on how to use it and prices, please refer to the dedicated page:where to buy a cooking thermometer.

In the absence of a cooking thermometer, you can understand that the oil is hot enough when, by adding a small piece of food, the oil immediately starts frying.

Best oil for frying

The best oil for frying is olive oil because it is healthier, however its flavor is intense and can strongly affect the flavor of the food being cooked. Much more neutral is peanut oil.

Another oil suitable for frying is rapeseed (also known as canola oil), little used in Italy but widespread in America and other European countries such as Germany and Switzerland. In Germany, rapeseed oil (canola) is marketed under the name ofrapsoand is famous for its beneficial properties. It is marketed as a healthy food and for consumers it is also the healthiest vegetable oil on the market.

Among the supermarket shelves we can find thecanola oilorrapeseed oil in blends containing other oils or in the form of more sophisticated margarines.

Those who intend to buy edible rapeseed oil with a low content of glucosinolates and erucic acid compounds can rely on the online purchase. On Amazon you can find thecanola oil German: a 750 ml bottle of Rapso (100% pure rapeseed oil) is offered at a price of 4.99 euros. The purchase becomes convenient if you decide to purchase multiple packs in batches so as to amortize shipping costs. The oil in question is produced from rapeseed with a low content of glucosinolate compounds and erucic acid, so it can be fully definedcanola oil.

Tips for frying well

Here are some tips to fry well and get crunchy and perfect frying!

  1. Never reuse the same oil for different frying.
  2. Prefer extra virgin olive oil or canola oil.
  3. Add the food when the oil has reached an optimal temperature (it depends on the food, but in general it should never exceed 170 ° C).
  4. Put dry food to fry, then eliminate moisture or excess water.
  5. Do not salt foods (or batter) before frying. If your battered vegetables are "mosce "and deflate, probably because you use vegetables that are too moist and salt the batter before frying.
  6. Use enough oil to completely coat the food. Never fry with a little oil!
  7. Add a few foods at a time, each piece must be completely surrounded by oil without coming into contact with the others.

How to fry well without oil

Forto frywithout any health risks and still get crispy crisps or other top foods, try using aair fryer. For all information, please refer to the page entitledAir fryer, how it works.

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