Seedless grapes

Seedless grapes

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Seedless grapes: varieties, properties, doubts about GM grapes, cultivation and all useful information on seedless table grapes.

It is called varietyseedless and it comes tograpeswithseedless berries. L'seedless grapes it is excellent for direct consumption but also for the preparation of jams, creams, jams, sweets and other dishes.

Grapes without seeds, GMO or non-GMO

Let's clarify one thing immediately: the main varieties ofseedless table grapesavailable today, they are NOT GMOs, that is, they have not been genetically modified to be seedless but are the result of very ancient crosses.

L'seedless table grapessees varieties already known in the second half of the last century.

The varietySultana grape, very widespread all over the world both for its fresh consumption and in the form of raisins, is among theseedless table grapesmost popular.

In the second half of the last century, crossing thetable grapesand from seedless wine with fine grape varieties with seeds, varieties were born parthenocarpic, that is, completely seedless, of excellent quality. Let's not talk about fruit genetically modified, but of varieties obtained by winemakers, selection after selection.

Seedless grapes, properties

Thenutritional properties(calories, intake of micronutrients, sugars ...) ofseedless grapesthey are the same as grapes with seeds.

In addition to the good ones property typical organoleptic characteristics of table grapes (skin color, sugar content, presence of aromas in the pulp ...), the varieties ofseedless grapes, sees grapes of good size, regular clusters that do not clump and thus reduce the risk of contracting fungal diseases or rot.

Cultivation of seedless grapes, table varieties

There are numerousvariety of seedless table grapes. In this paragraph we point out some varieties with white or red grapes.

White berried seedless table grapes

  • Centennial
    It is a very productive grape but has small berries. Ripens in late August.
  • Sublime
    Here too the berries are on average small but the pulp is of good quality. Ripens in mid-July.
  • Sugraone or Superior
    The berries are quite large. It develops a large crown and therefore the fruit production is not constant. Ripens from July.
  • Sultanina
    It is known asraisins, it adapts well to the Mediterranean climate and is easy to grow. It has small berries and ripens between late August and early September.

Red berried seedless table grapes

Red grapes are also called black grapes. Here are the seedless black grape varieties.

  • Autumn Royal
    Ripens in late September and has good sized clusters.
  • Crimson
    It is among the most widespread seedless varieties in the world. It is very productive, with medium-sized berries. Ripens in September.
  • Perlon
    It is very constant in production, with medium-sized, regular and rounded berries. It has a rather neutral flavor and ripens in late July.

Seedless grapes, how it reproduces

If you want to start acultivation of seedless grapes, you needrooted cuttings. The rooted cuttings are easily available at the vineyard nurseries. Once you have chosen the seedless grape variety, choose therootstockmost suitable.

Seedless fruit

Like thegrapes seedless, other is also widespreadseedless fruit: lemons, oranges, clementines, mandarins, watermelons ... Seedless watermelon, unlike lemons and grapes, is obtained in the laboratory. In theseedless watermelon, the number of chromosomes is first doubled by the use of the chemical colchicine, by doubling the chromosomal set of a normal watermelon (which is diploid) we obtain a tetraploid plant (four pairs of chromosomes). By crossing a tetraploid watermelon created in the laboratory and a diploid watermelon, a triploid plant is obtained which gives life to seedless watermelons,which is thus a barren fruit. For all information on cultivation: seedless watermelon.

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