Photovoltaic installation permit

Photovoltaic installation permit

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Photovoltaic installation permit: install photovoltaics in the condominium or in areas with high landscape value. Process to obtain the permit for solar panels on the roof.

Install solar panels on the roofit is a good investment for those who want to save electricity in the long term. The self-generation of electricity greatly lightens the electricity bill and frees us, at least in part, from the local electricity grid.

No authorization is required to install a photovoltaic system on the roof, just communicate the system via theunique model for photovoltaics.This procedure, however, is not valid for those who live in the historic centers of Italy covered by landscape restrictions. In these circumstances, it will be necessary to request an ordinary or simplified authorization just as you would do for other construction works.

Photovoltaic installation permitareas with landscape constraints

It is necessary to receivelandscape authorizationbefore being able to install thermal solar panels or photovoltaic panels on the roofs of houses located in areas covered by restrictions such as historic centers.

Theunique photovoltaic model it is valid only for solar systems below 20 kW intended to be installed on the roofs of buildings that do not fall within areas subject to landscape authorization.

L'installationofphotovoltaic systemsit is not exempt from the request for landscape authorization but can use a simplified form.

L'simplified landscape authorization it is accessible when the building is located in areas subject to the constraint under the law (art. 142 of the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code)or as a constraint of types a) and d) of Article 136.

When the photovoltaic system must be installed on buildings subject to constraints pursuant to letters b) and c), again in Article 136, the law provides that it is subject to the procedure ofordinary landscape authorization.

We can work around therequest for authorizationinstallation of photovoltaic panels only when they are not visible from the outside.

In case of landscape constraints, integrated photovoltaic systems are favored such as:

  • photovoltaic tiles
  • photovoltaic roofs
  • transparent photovoltaic
  • red photovoltaic

You don't need to ask for anylandscape clearanceonly if the photovoltaic system or solar thermal panels are present on the solar pavement or on the roof but are not visible from the outside (edged roof, butterfly roof ...).

For more information on the landscape permit and on the various sentences, we invite you to read the page dedicated tolandscape clearance for photovoltaic system. The rulings of the TAR of Veneto are very favorable, which is expressed in favor of users who want to install a photovoltaic roof in historic centers and areas covered by landscape restrictions.

Photovoltaic installation permit:photovoltaic on the roof of the condominium

Installing solar panels on the roof of the condominium is possible and there is no need for the favorable vote of the condominium assembly.

The rules to follow incondominiumare contained in the Third Book "Of ownership" of the civil code of 1942. The text was subject to a major revision on 18 June 2013 with the entry into force of law no. 220 of 11 December 2012, also known asreform of the condominium.

The new regulatory text opens up new possibilities for individual condominiums and favors theplant installation for the production of electricity from renewable sources thus allowing even the individual condominium toinstall photovoltaic panelson the flat roof or other common parts of the building.

To proceed toinstall photovoltaic panels on the roof of the condominiumnone is neededauthorization by the assembly; The court of Milan also reiterated this: the assembly cannot deny the intervention and the condominium who wants to provide the installation must only notify the administrator of the condominium.

THE solar panels can be installed on all common parts of the condominium (roof, flat roof ...) and the aspiring installer is obliged to communicate his will to the condominium administration by showing the details of the project.

The administrator will have to communicate the intention of the individual to the assembly which may deny theinstallation authorization of the photovoltaic system only when the solar system can, in some way, compromise the safety of the building or undermine the architectural decor.

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