How to make boiled eggs

How to make boiled eggs

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How to make boiled eggs: how to cook a hard-boiled egg, cooking time and tips to make it more digestible. From properties to microwave cooking.

Boiled egg, perfect cooking

Incook a boiled eggit is important to respect thecooking timesto get a perfect result.

Why is it so important to complete oneperfect cooking?
Not just for the palate!
THEcooking timesare crucial, it is not only a question of consistency but also of properties and digestibility of the product.

Aboiled eggCooked for a long time is not only less nutritious but also becomes more difficult to digest due to the protein configuration of some proteins. Furthermore, we all know that there are thermolabile nutrients, therefore, with thehard-boiled eggs, better to cook with the clock in hand!

Remember that a hard-boiled egg with a soft yolk is better than an over-cooked hard-boiled egg. For more information, please consult the page dedicated toproperties of eggswhere you will findnutritional values, calories, protein content and composition of hard-boiled eggs.Eggs, properties.

Boiled egg, cooking times

As stated, cooking times are everything. Forcook a boiled eggjust boil the water and add a fresh egg.

Wait 8 - 9 minutes and then remove the egg from the water and immediately pass it in cold water.

Cooking times: 8 - 9 minutes.

Never go beyond 10 - 15 minutes ... pain, a hard-to-digest hard-boiled egg.

How to make boiled eggs

The procedure is simple:

  • Bring enough water to a boil to cover theeggsto cook.
  • When the water boils, lower the eggs.
  • Allow 8 - 9 minutes of cooking.
  • Turn off the stove and remove the hard-boiled eggs from the water.
  • Pass the eggs in cold water to stop cooking.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Shell the eggs.

To lower the eggs into boiling water, without breaking them, you can help yourself with a skimmer, a ladle or a fairly large spoon.

How to make a perfect boiled egg: the mistakes to avoid when boiling the egg

Lot offood blogger they do not recommend adding a pinch of coarse salt to the cooking water. Nothing more wrong! It is true that salt increases the boiling point of water but also increases the pressure of the liquid, lowering the risk of breaking the egg shell.

Another mistake to avoid: never prolong cooking times!

Too short cooking times will give you a soft yolk. If you want a yolk soft enough to dip into bread, then you should cook soft-boiled eggs.

How to cook a hard-boiled egg in the microwave

We do not recommend cooking hard-boiled eggs in the microwave, but ... those who want to try can do it. Cooking hard-boiled egg in the microwave is not recommended because it is more difficult to manage in terms of cooking intensity and times. Each microwave has a story of its own, with programs and powers calibrated differently.

While the boiling point of water is unique, calculating cooking times for hard-boiled egg in the microwave is more complicated and you risk getting an overcooked hard-boiled egg.

Despite the preliminary warnings, we will still tell you how to cook a hard-boiled egg in the microwave.

  • In a glass bowl (or other material compatible with the microwave), add the eggs and cover them with water.
  • The eggs must be completely covered by water and submerged for at least one centimeter.
  • Add a teaspoon of salt to the water. The salt will prevent the egg shell from breaking during microwave cooking.
  • Set the microwave to medium power and cook for 12 minutes.

How to shell hard-boiled eggs: how to do it quickly

After cooking the eggs, remove them from the boiling water and pass them in cold water. Let them cool completely and shell them as shown in the video below.

Sure, the quick way toshell the hard-boiled eggsit is not so hygienic ... it is inevitable that germs and microorganisms contained in your mouth end up on the eggs ... If you have guests, peel them the old way, if you have to shell hard-boiled eggs that will end up on your plate, then take advantage of the quick method shown in the video that follows!

Video: The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg, Simplified (August 2022).