Music for dogs: tips

Music for dogs: tips

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Dog Music, not played by dogs but by choosing the melodies and frequencies that can also be appreciated by these animals with such a developed hearing. If to us hands music can help us relax, or gives us the charge, in headphones, while jogging or before entering the office, it can have a relaxing effect on dogs. But it must be chosen by listening to them and not by attributing our personal tastes to them.

Dog music: what it takes

Few have a life of their own remain indifferent to hearing sounds, even plants seem to be affected, but dogs are among the most sensitive subjects. That's why you can talk about music for dogs and deepen the tastes and ways in which to offer it.

In general the sounds, especially the Dog Music, they can put our 4-legged friends in a state of contentment or intrigue them if they resemble the noise that prey makes. Certainly it is proved that theand notes go to stimulate the nervous system, activating some specific areas which, by releasing chemical neuromediators, cause a sense of psycho-physical well-being.

If we choose it with knowledge of the facts, then the Dog music it can reduce the degree of stress and be an input for soothing sensations. There are also interesting experiments with cats, first of all that of the cellist David Teie, "Music for cats", but it seems that dogs can outperform felines in musical ear.

Dog Music: Like

It cannot be said that dogs in general "like" music. They are very sensitive therefore they react to sound stimuli in an amplified way: if the melodies are to their taste, then they love them, otherwise they can be very annoyed and upset. May it be Dog music or not, let's remember to keep the volume quite low: dogs can perceive well beyond about 20,000 Hertz warned by the human ear!

Music for dogs: tips

As I mentioned in the introduction, the Dog music it's not necessarily what we like. If it is ever true that a dog tends to resemble its owner, or vice versa, this is not true for musical tastes. So, lovers of hard rock or house music, forget about imposing these melodies on the delicate ear of your furry friend.

Animals have gods Favorite “tones”, everyone has their own tastes, we can try different compilations, but within a range of sounds sweet and not strident or too "agitated".

Dog Music: Gifts

Despite the band's name, this is NOT Dog Music: "Temple of the dog”, To be listened to in their absence. To relax together with our four-legged friend, let's move on to classical music or "Zen" style, something melodic or instrumental, like that of Buddha Bar CD

Music for dogs: a video with music

Here is a video of Music for Dogs with which to try to see what effect it can have on ours, let's put it at full volume with him next to it.

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