How to recycle Aluminum

How to recycle Aluminum

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How to recycle aluminum: where aluminum is thrown away, creative recycling of cans, reuse of aluminum. Earnings prospects for the collection and recycling of aluminum.

L'aluminum it is a 100% recyclable material, in fact about 50% of the aluminum in circulation comes from recycling; as well as the product obtained from the recycling of plastic, also in this case we speak ofsecond raw material. Recycling aluminum has multiple positive implications, both economic and environmental: if 15 kWh are needed to produce 1 kg of primary aluminum, 0.75 is enough for secondary aluminum.

Recycle aluminum, earnings

For to recycle large quantities of aluminum, it is advisable to contact special companies that provide for an economic compensation for each kilogram of product. Generalizing, it is possible to say that 20 kg of aluminum pressed and already differentiated, they can be worth 10 euros.

In order to promote thealuminum collectionthe CiAl,Aluminum Packaging Consortium, has activated what has been called the “Reward Bonus”, an additional economic consideration to stimulate Municipalities and Collection Operators to do even better and recover ever larger quantities of material.

Where aluminum is thrown away: separate collection to recycle aluminum in small quantities? This is possible by addressing the so-called "green landfills" or following the separate collection programs set up by your municipality, in this way you can recycle aluminum with recycling. In addition, the do it yourself recycling: some forms of aluminum you can assign them to new uses in full autonomy.

Should dirty aluminum sheets also be thrown away?
Yup! Sure! TheCial, aluminum packaging consortium, informs us that all the differentiated aluminum, before reaching the melting stage to be reused, undergoes a procedure ofpre-mergerso as to eliminate any kind of residue, a sort of general cleaning.

Which aluminum is thrown into the collection? To understand which aluminum can be recycled, just stick towaste acronyms. The acronym is found on recyclable aluminumTo theor Alu. All containers which, despite being made of aluminum, are labeled with the letter T or F should not be disposed of in the separate collection of aluminum: these containers must be disposed of in the collection of hazardous waste as they are dirty with solvents, glues, herbicides, acids and other chemical products. dangerous.

Recycle aluminum at home

If you are wondering how to recycle aluminum foil of your kitchen, the answers can be many, in fact instead of throwing them away, aluminum sheets can be reused. Depending on the condition of your sheets, you can, if they are very worn, sharpen scissors or polish gold and silver objects, soften clothing, remove insects from plants or remove encrustations from pots and pans.

To sharpen the scissors, simply overlap several layers of aluminum foil and cut them with the same scissors you want to sharpen. Polish the silverware with i aluminum foil it is possible using a bowl full of hot water, in the bowl you will have to add the aluminum sheets and coarse salt and then immerse the cutlery or jewels to be polished: after a few hours your objects will be shiny.

Recycle the aluminum foil it can also bring benefits to the “laundry” section of our home, in fact, if you add crumpled aluminum foil to the washing machine, the clothes will soften during washing.

It doesn't matter how much the aluminum sheets they are wrinkled, in fact they, always rolled up, could replace the classic abrasive sponge in removing light encrustations from pots and pans.

Insects do not get along very well with aluminum and taking advantage of this feature, the aluminum sheets can be used to surround the base of the vases so as to replace the use of chemical agents.

Creative recycling: reusing aluminum cans

With the cans to be recycled you can get vases, pen holders, object holders and many small DIY gadgets. Creative recycling allows us to transform a waste (can) into something more useful and… nice. For creative recycling jobs for aluminum cans, please visit the pagecreative recycling of cans.

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