How to build a birdhouse

How to build a birdhouse

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How to build a birdhouse: from DIY in wood to kits on the market. Many tips for attracting birds to the garden and creating a wooden house.

Awooden birdhouseit is perfect for attracting birds to the garden. If you don't like DIY, thewooden house for birdsit can also be purchased with a small financial commitment: on Amazon you can buy beautiful models with even less than 10 euros and free shipping costs. To take a look at the images and proposals, please visit the Amazon official pagededicated towooden houses for birds, to kits to be able to build them easily (in practice they are already carved pieces of wood, which must only be nailed together) and to garden feeders.

Abird housenot only must it be well made but also placed in the right position: avoid putting theDIY bird housein a place of passage where the figure of man constantly annoys the birds.

How to build a birdhouse

After seeing how to make a bird feeder, let's move on to wooden cottage! For thisdo-it-yourself you have to use auntreated wood, nor painted.

The wood must be 2 cm thick to ensure protection from low temperatures. The trailing edge should be roughened with the passage of a rasp: birds are able to take flight more easily starting from rough surfaces.

When designing the house you have two possibilities:

  • design a small, front and rounded opening and arrange an opening on the other to allow for occasional inspection and cleaning (remove old nests, chase out any intruding rodents ...)
  • design a wider, rectangular front opening that also represents the access for cleaning.

In the first case, thewooden cottageis "closed" and the entry hole forlittle birdshas a standard diameter of 2.8 cm in size. Avoid drilling larger holes because thelittle birdsthe passerines and others are most in needlittle birdssmall size.

If you have observed gods near your homestiff necksthen you can prepare holes of 4 cm in diameter.

In the second case we hypothesized onebirdhouseopen. Here, the front part is formed by a parapet of variable height depending on thebirdsthat you want to host. The parapet must be 8 cm high if you want to accommodate passerines, dancers, robins ... a lower parapet, 2.5 cm, is useful if you want to attract birds such as flycatchers. 16 cm for the sweet redstart.

In both types ofwooden houses for birds, you will need to make holes in the bottom to allow the drainage of liquids and the ventilation of the interior. 4 holes are enough.

Inside theDIY wooden house for birds, you will not have to deposit any material because they will belittle birdsto provide for the nest.

What it takes to make a wooden house for birds

In both examples ofwooden house for birds, you have to cut six pieces of wood. In particular, in the classic birdhouse, the one closed with the hole, you will need:

  • Right wall
    to the right side it will measure 20 cm and to the left 25. Height of 15 cm.
  • Left wall
    to the left side it will measure 20 cm and to the right 25. Height of 15 cm
  • Front
    it must be a piece of wood measuring 20 x 15 cm. Drill a 2.8 cm diameter hole.
  • Fund
    it must be a piece of wood measuring 15 x 11 cm. Drill 4 holes of 0.05 cm.
  • Back
    it is a 46cm x 15cm piece of wood.
  • Roof
    it is a piece of wood measuring 23 x 17 cm.

To mount the roof to the base (rear) you will need a hinge that will allow you to open and close the roof. The wooden boards used must have a thickness of 2 cm not only to allow thermal protection to thelittle birdsbut also to give you an agile thickness to be able to drive in soft nails. Beware of buying wood nails.

The two walls, or the lateral pieces of wood, have sides of different sizes to allow you to create a sloping roof.

There are three ingredients to attract birds to the garden and maybe take beautiful photos: water, feed and shelter. That is to say that you have to add in your garden, a tub, a manger and a wooden house! Maybe a robin

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