DIY dog toys

DIY dog toys

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DIY dog toys, we have fun making them and they use them as they see fit. We can take cloth or plastic, old clothes or other material that we find at home, as long as it is not dangerous for our four-legged friend who is so good at biting and destroy shoes and slippers, for example.

DIY dog toys made of cloth

Cloth is one of the best materials to create DIY dog toys. The one bought on purpose or that of clothes or underwear we should throw away. For example, mismatched socks, unless you want to make the originals and use them anyway, can be the fabric to create a washable and free toy.

We take 4 "single" socks, one longer than the others. We roll up the shorter ones in the latter and close them all with a tight knot. Always with socks, but of the same length, we can create DIY dog toys making them into braids to pull or to use as ropes to bite and chase.

Even a fleece blanket or a pair of denim pants can be made into DIY dog toys, they are resistant fabrics and there is no risk of parts being swallowed. Cut them into strips and we compose a braid, even mixing one with the other. If we want increase the fun, we add a ball in the braid, tennis, hole.

To celebrate, we can also prepare one pinata for dogs: taking a fabric bag, let's fill it with appetizing and above all fragrant morsels that attract the dog and make him make great leaps to win the prize.

DIY dog toys made of cardboard or plastic

Cardboard is not recommended for crafting DIY dog toys, being easily shredded to shreds. A cardboard ball or any structure, unless we have a particularly delicate dog, have a short life. It is better if we use PVC. For example, a perforated tube can be "Stuffed" with surprises: crunchy or snacks. He won't get tired of pushing it here and there and ends up emptying it.

The same can be done with one large empty bottle of water, if strong enough not to give in on the first bite. Making two holes at the base, to then insert a hole, you get a bottle full of surprises to be rotated so that the dog does some healthy exercise.

DIY dog toys with recycling

The house is full of objects that can become DIY dog toys. Sometimes they become so even against our will, without being asked for our consent, and here are shoes, books, pillows or tea towels that disappear. It is better to reach a compromise with our roommate and give him up some T-shirts, old, worn, to make balls of cloth.

Knotted, too some sweaters can become ropes if twisted and a little felted. Or some toy bones, it's simple, just draw and cut out a sample bone on a sheet of paper and cut out the shape on the sweater.

In pairs, the wool bones obtained can be stuffed and sewn forming soft prey. To increase the fun, we can also use del material that makes noise, to stuff these bones, so that with each bite the dog is surprised, frightened playfully, "relentlessly"

Original DIY dog toys

If we are skilled in making objects, DIY enthusiasts, we can also take an example from Dog games that are for sale trying to recreate them with objects and ropes we have at home. A rather simple one to copy is this Giraffe massages teeth, very resistant and nice.

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