Glaucoma in cats: symptoms and treatment

Glaucoma in cats: symptoms and treatment

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Glaucoma in cats, a problem that can arise and that, if not treated well and promptly, can also cause blindness. Better understand what it is and how to deal with it as good feline owners. Without panicking. This pathology usually occurs when the eye pressure is too high, it often affects both eyes but this is not necessarily the case, and in this case it is necessary to understand how to treat the healthy eye, because it does not pay for it too presence of glaucoma.

Glaucoma in cats: what it is

As also happens for humans, the glaucoma in cats it is linked to too high eye pressure, a circumstance that occurs when the normal outflow of fluid from the eye is compromised. This outflow is called aqueous humor.

The glaucoma in cats it can be due to a malformation or to a hereditary condition, or in general to one primary eye diseasebut there are also cases where it is a secondary consequence of a problem that does not affect the eyes. Or at least, not only !. For example if ours cat is the victim of an injury or gets sick with cancer, it can happen that this type of pathologies block the flow of liquids and here is glaucoma in cats.

It is not always trivial and immediate to recognize the presence of this problem, better to contact a veterinarian who carries out specific tests to get to a precise diagnosis. The first checks are those concerning the measurement of pressure in the eye with an instrument that is also used for people by placing it on the eye. Is called "Tonometer".

For a diagnosis of glaucoma in cats gonioscopy, an examination that measures the front of the eye, and an examination of the retina can also be performed to estimate the damage done by the disease and how much it can be controlled and cured.

Glaucoma in cats: symptoms

Here are the symptoms not to be overlooked in order not to risk underestimating the glaucoma in cats. If we measure eye pressure, it doesn't have to be high, but there are also other signs that the naked eye should make us suspicious. For example one spasm of the eyelids, the redness of the blood vessels in the whites of the eyes, the cloudy appearance of front of the eye, enlargement or swelling of the eyeball.

If the cat has the dilated pupil, or closes it slower than usual, is not a good sign. In the presence of glaucoma in cats, the animal can gradually begin to lose sight and this can cause pain and headache, this also has consequences on appetite and liveliness.

If we see our cat, usually always hungry and playful, suddenly become inappetent and listless, we begin to evaluate thehypothesis of glaucoma in the cat by contacting the vet for a diagnosis.

Glaucoma in cats: treatment

A problem like that of glaucoma in cats it requires pharmacological treatments that cannot be escaped. THE medicines they serve to keep intraocular pressure low so that the cat is not condemned to blindness. If we notice and intervene in time, we can prevent him from going blind.

There are cases, which only the veterinarian can evaluate, in which even a surgical intervention can improve the situation but it depends on the type of glaucoma and its origins which, as we have seen, can be of various types.

We must not be under the illusion that the glaucoma in cats it does not lead to blindness, but neither does it give up hopes of being able to give our friend a few more months of life as a sighted cat. And if the glaucoma in cats hits in one eye, we must do everything to save the healthy one.

Glaucoma in cats: remedies

As we said, the drugs to stem the damage caused by glaucoma in the cat, but if we keep his eyes clean a priori we can avoid that other, avoidable ones are associated with this problem. So here's a eye drops for cats which keeps them clean. At 7.55 euros for each 50ml pack, also perfect for dogs.

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