Work stress

Work stress

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Work stress, sometimes so to speak, but at others it is reality, a reality that changes our quality of life, worsening it 24 hours a day. Yes, because work stress does not follow working hours, it "spreads" on all phases of the day, it follows us and also ruins our evenings and holidays when it becomes acute and constant. There are also some innovations at the regulatory level that regulate compensation, while the most recent numbers speak of 1 out of 4 workers suffering from work-related stress.

Work stress: what it is

The Work stress, should not be underestimated, because a person spends an average of 8 hours a day working and if these hours are all badly lived, they risk ruining the remaining ones as well. The anxiety that a worker can feel is not always obvious, perhaps it hides it because he doesn't want to look bad with his boss, but that doesn't mean there isn't a condition of Work stress.

Work stress: physical and psychological symptoms

Sometimes it Work stress it is such that we can no longer even hold back emotions in the office and we end up crying, bursting, screaming, making too transparent expressions that make us understand what we think even if negative. There are even less striking symptoms but equally significant. If we look closely at our colleagues, we will recognize some of them, for example the difficulty in relating to bosses or peers, absenteeism, drop in performance, the emergence of conflicts for futile reasons.

When work stress goes beyond the limits, disciplinary problems may arise, you lose the ability to make even the smallest decisions, you are unable to maintain concentration and fall prey to anxiety or panic attacks, depression or fatigue.

There are cases where it Work stress it does not come to the surface and causes physical pain, often and willingly targeting the gastric system, or the epidermis.

Work stress: causes

One of the most frequent causes is the underestimation of difficulties that can be encountered in relating with colleagues or with other company departments. Other times, however, everything arises because the workplace is not stimulating or suitable for what our ambitions are. Today as today i hectic pace doesn't help and not even the precarious state in which many find themselves living even at an age not as a child.

Work stress: tips

Also due to the consequent decline in productivity, many companies for some years have realized the problem of work stress by asking themselves how to create a stimulating environment and quiet in which to fight it.

It is important if we suffer from Work stress, however, do something in person, without relying only on our leaders, even if they are praiseworthy and attentive. We begin to become aware of our state and repeat to ourselves that it does not derive frominability to do our homework but perhaps from an environment that is not suitable for making our abilities and ambitions flourish.

By analyzing the various situations we face in a standard work day, let's try to understand where our ill-contentedness is born, let's talk about it with someone and, if we want, let's contact a naturopath.

Reflecting but above all relaxing, it is important that we rediscover the passion for our profession reinvigorating the reasons why we chose it. If we have chosen it, or those that led us to carry it out, whether they are economic or otherwise. If we suffer from work stress, we must not isolate ourselves, we would just leave it free.

Work stress: compensation

With sentence no. 1185 of 18 January 2017 the Court of Cassation he specified his orientation regarding work-related stress. It is not always compensable, only when it jeopardizes the peaceful existence of the employee, but it is always a non-pecuniary damage, what it causes, for which compensation is not automatic. We are entitled to it only if the unlawful conduct of the employer violated the employee's inviolable rights.

The judge remains to decide which case it is. The employer may not be "guilty", but it is clear that a priori it must comply with precise legal provisions and guarantee thepsycho-physical integrity of its employees.

Work stress: books

Sometimes for recover from work stress a little organization is enough. On your own it is difficult to start tidying up, fortunately there is an agile guide to browse through and to draw inspiration from. Is titled "No stress company. How to improve relationships and organization at work”, Written by Camilla Targher.

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