Dog teeth: how to clean them

Dog teeth: how to clean them

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Dog teeth, to keep clean, not so much to smile while taking selfies, but to stay healthy and not risk being forced to give up tasty bones and delicious pieces of meat to chew. THE dog teeth I'm sure one of the important parts of the animal, because they are useful, of course, but also because they give an idea of ​​the dog's state of health.

Tartar, plaque and gingivitis, and bad breath, dental infections also dangerous for the liver and kidneys: it is better to take care of the dog's teeth immediately in order to save suffering and various expenses for treatment.

Teeth of the adult dog

To keep well i dog teeth adult is advised to make him get into the habit of periodically chewing synthetic bones, there are toys that have been designed and created specifically to clean the teeth and strengthen the gums. This certainly does not replace the healthy and sacred habit of brushing the dog's teeth at least once a week. It is not as much a company as it may seem, a few tricks are enough.

First of all, to avoid chasing him around the house with his toothbrush in hand, let's take advantage of a moment when he is tired. After a run in the park, for example, and the first few times let's not force him to cleaning sessions that are too long and intense so that you can slowly get used to this procedure. While, armed with a toothbrush, we dedicate ourselves to the dog's teeth, let's talk to him and cuddle him, so that it becomes a moment if not pleasant at least bearable. And let's not forget to reward him immediately afterwards, so that the next time he remembers that patience is worthwhile.

Dog teeth: how to clean them

It is not possible to use products dedicated to'oral hygiene of man for dog teeth, it is not a question of being snobbish or treating the dog like a king, it is not recommended unless prohibited by the vets themselves. The reasons, in fact, are purely technical. Some toothpastes that we use successfully contain for example fluorine, extremely poisonous to dogs.

In order not to risk, let's rely on products designed for dogs, they are easily found in various not excessively expensive versions in all pet shops. While we are at it, we also buy a toothbrush that anatomically better adapts to the canine jaws, very different in conformation from the mouth of a human being.

If we don't want to go crazy looking for toothbrush and toothpaste for dog teeth, also online for less than 10 euros they are found. Let's use them with utmost delicacy and, if blood leaks from the gums occur, which can happen, without alarming us, for a few days we give our dog soft type croquettes.

Puppy dog ​​teeth

The puppies have no exceptions regarding the teeth cleaningIndeed, the sooner we start, the better and better results we will get by avoiding unnecessary suffering and complications for our pet. And at our own expense which, in the long run, can also become important when i dog teeth problems they are serious.

We also take into account that a puppy from an early age used to one dental hygiene routine attentive and regular, she does not create too many problems and accepts it without showing herself too recalcitrant.

When the dog is growing, it is good to inspect his oral cavity to see if there are any problems: the sooner you notice them, the more likely you are to solve them quickly and well. As the years go by, we do not lose enthusiasm for the care of our dog, including oral hygiene, so that it does not have tartar problems, complicated to remove.

Dog teeth: loss

It may happen that the dog loses teeth. As a puppy it is normal to happen when it comes to the change of teeth, we say goodbye to the milk 28, very sharp and sharp, to bring out the adult ones, between the fifth and eighth months. If your dog is an adult and is losing his teeth, you need to understand why. It can happen due to trauma, after a dog fight, for example, or for one periodontal disease. In both cases, veterinary care is required.

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