Arthritis in dogs: natural remedies

Arthritis in dogs: natural remedies

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Canine arthritis, also called OA by whom unfortunately has already had to deal with it, and a third name by which we can define this pathology is canine osteoarthritis. When an animal begins to suffer from Canine Arthritis it is because the destruction of the canine is taking place cartilage part that lines the bones of its joints. As this process progresses, the protective membrane deteriorates more and more. This can happen, as we will see later, both for reasons of individual age dogs, both for reasons of "wear".

Arthritis in dogs: symptoms

By carefully observing the behavior of the our four-legged friend we can come to understand if he has canine arthritis or not, or at least to make us suspect and take him to the vet.

THE the first symptoms are those relating to mood: a dull dog who does not want to leave the house even with the sun and the idea of ​​a walk in our company has something wrong and this something wrong can be canine arthritis.

Looking at it better, let's try to see how it poses its hind legs and if the weight is loaded only on the front ones. If and when it runs, a dog with canine arthritis moreover, it assumes a gait similar to that of a rabbit. When the arthritis becomes more acute, the animal then shows obvious difficulties in getting up and sitting down, it can also become unstable and stagger every now and then for the pain what a test.

Humidity and cold they sure don't do much good in case of canine arthritison the contrary, they make the dog yelp with pain, especially if someone accidentally or unknowingly touches them near the joints.

Arthritis in dogs: treatment

Usually we turn to the veterinarian when our dog shows symptoms of canine arthritis, inflammatory autoimmune disease that can be addressed with painkillers. It's not like it can be cured, especially if it's one old age arthritisbut of course it can slow down the deterioration process.

The pain relievers on the one hand they manage to give some relief compared to pains experienced by the dog but they can have rather annoying side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or serious and not to be underestimated, such as in the case of ulcer, renal and hepatic insufficiency.

An alternative, always to be prescribed by the veterinary, are corticosteroid injections which, however, can inhibit the immune system by favoring many pathologies such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts.

Arthritis in young dogs

Usually they are the specimens the elderly are those most subject to canine arthritis but there is also another category that can suffer from it more and has nothing to do with the age of the animal. It is that of the particularly exuberant and sporty dogs, which can lead to increased wear on the joints and membrane. There are also some breeds that, by birth, are more predisposed, we find among the best known the Bulldog and the Labrador Retriever.

All this makes us understand that even young specimens can suffer from canine arthritis, for example if they have delicate joints, or if they have reported for the most varied reasons of joint trauma. It is important, to prevent a young dog from suffering prematurely from this problem, to be careful that it does not make incorrect movements, that it does not take unbalanced postures and that he is not obese so as not to overload the cartilage area, ruining it.

Infectious Arthritis in Dogs

When thecanine arthritis is infectious is said septic. This type of joint inflammation related to the presence of a bacterial infection. Male specimens, even if not elderly, between four and seven years of age suffer from it. The breeds most affected by septic are the German Shepherds, the Dobermans, and again the Labradors.

Arthritis in dogs natural remedies

Rather than treating canine arthritis with natural methods, you can try to prevent it, always asking the veterinarian for an opinion so as not to cause damage even if in good faith. They exist for example natural supplements that are suggested to us by holistic medicine, such as this one indicated for the joint health of puppies of large / giant breeds for correct joint development, of sporting dogs (eg agility, disc-dog, canicross, coursing) and of adult dogs subjected with intense load and joint wear (eg rescue dogs, overweight dogs).

If we prefer, it is possible to rely on the hands of a physiotherapist for motor therapy. There is also that in the water, which many dogs appreciate, and sometimes even the habit of taking regular and healthy walks is an excellent natural remedy. As often happens for different pathologies, one balanced and correct diet, it is one of the best ways to heal or prevent illness.

In the case of canine arthritis, it is important to do be careful that the dog does not eat too much fat and who is not overweight, we can favor foods rich in Omega-3 and always be very careful about how the dog moves.

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