Apricot seeds: properties and benefits

Apricot seeds: properties and benefits

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Apricot seeds, to which anticancer properties are attributed, they are a food rich in any case of properties to be known to make the most of them. Like the apricots themselves, i seeds they can help us stay healthy.

Apricot seeds and tumors

The reason why you hear more of the apricot seeds it is related to the presumed anticancer properties that they would possess. It all started when in Pakistan it has been observed that the Hunza people who eat it in large quantities are almost strangers to diseases such as cancer and many others that we in the West unfortunately know all too well.

The idea of apricot seeds against cancer swore already in ancient China and throughout the Middle East, we know this because we have read it on some documents attributed to Emperor Shen Nung and dating back to the 1st-2nd century BC .. Even then it was claimed that the substances obtained from apricot seed extract helped fight cancer.

In modern times, therefore, the reasons why these seeds should be anti-cancer have been investigated and the reason would be thehigh content of vitamin B17, also known as amygdalin or nitriloside, able to inhibit the development of tumors and their metastases.

It is not a discovery that only affects the apricot seeds but also other foods much more common and at the same time rich in vitamin B17. In the long list we find broad beans and peas, sprouts of legumes and cereals, lettuce, turnips and many berries.

Apricot seeds: benefits

Beyond the precise anti tumor properties, apricot seeds have been appreciated since ancient times by people who lived incurrent Pakistan and they used them in general as natural remedies for the treatment of numerous ailments even less serious than cancer but annoying. The aforementioned Hunza gods apricot seeds they also used the oil obtained from them and whole dried fruits.

Apricot seeds: properties

Anyone who has never seen or tasted these seeds should know that they are quite bitter, unless you choose those indicated as sweet explicitly.

The bitter ones come from wild apricots, have a sour taste, are extracted and left to dry before reaching us.

Apricot seeds: contraindications

There are those who do not come close to apricot seeds not to risk. If we are wondering what to be afraid of, the answer is "cyanide", because these seeds contain a certain amount. In order not to be unnecessarily alarmed, it is better to inquire about amount of seeds we can consume in one day.

The answer is maximum 7 but if we are taking them as vitamin B17 supplements, for anti-tumor purposes, we can safely stop at 1 or 2 apricot seeds a day, to eat accompanied by a fresh fruit or a dry fruit, so that the enzymes contained in the fruit itself act in coordination with those of the seeds.

Apricot seeds: price

Online for 17 euros we find a pack of bitter seeds from a hectogram, a true elixir of long life. Although less well known than other ingredients, they are a must-have item natural diet which can cure and prevent many diseases and ailments. We find apricot seeds even in health food stores or organic products stores.

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