Good mood diet

Good mood diet

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Good mood diet, a matter of chemistry rather than taste, the taste buds also play a decisive role in terms of mood and well-being. In a diet that also heals the psyche, foods that are provided they provide energy, fight fatigue and sleepiness and that give an edge. What you need to feel better and spend the day with the joy of living.

Good mood diet: foods

Beyond personal tastes, there are some foods that are good to include in the good mood diet because they are important on a physiological level. They initiate or foster processes that keep us fit, strong, at peace with the world. Milk and yogurt, preferably at breakfast, they make an important contribution to start the day by being rich in calcium.

The almonds they are the best among all dried fruit because they are rich in magnesium which fights physical and mental fatigue. Let's not forget the eggs, sometimes they serve because rich in vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and Omega 3, also pasta and risor, in spite of the custom diet, they are the basis of the good mood diet because they are sources of energy. They also contain tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin that regulates our mood.

Even the bananas they regulate serotonin and are also rich in potassium and magnesium, while salmon is recommended for its high content of Omega 3 and vitamin D which is useful for regulating mood swings.

Those who follow the good mood diet can focus on chicken meat to contrast moodiness and fatigue and on dark chocolate, a classic antidepressant food and not an urban legend. L'oats it is an excellent food to recharge us with energy without weighing us down, especially in winter, even lentils bring a good mood as they are nutritious and rich in iron, potassium and phosphorus.

Good mood diet: recipes

With the arrival of summer, here is a recipe suitable for those who want to make full of energy respecting the diet of good humor and not "sautéing" too much. A chicken and pomegranate salad it is an easy and tasty dish. For 4 people you need 400 grams of chicken breast, 150 of pomegranate, 20 grams of walnut kernels, a pound of celery and a drizzle of oil as a condiment, along with lemon, vinegar and salt.

It is very easy to follow the good mood diet: boiled the chicken breast and left to cool, cut it into strips, then shell the pomegranate, cut the celery and break the walnuts. Once everything is combined, we season with a vinaigrette prepared with oil, lemon, salt and pepper.

Good mood diet: tips

Cooking and eating the right foods is not enough to follow the diet of a good mood and obtain consistent results, it is also necessary to follow a series of indications that may seem ancillary and are instead fundamental. First, I decided on the ingredients, we do not prepare meals that are too large and we avoid associating it with processed foods or fatty condiments, not so much so as not to gain weight but to digest well. A burden on the stomach certainly does not make us in a good mood.

It is important, when possible, stay in the sun and in the light, to avoid a decrease in serotonin. In addition to eating properly, you have to exercise on a regular basis, both to let off steam and to improve mood and appetite, but let's not take it as an obligation and choose an activity that we like.

Good mood diet: books

If we don't feel very determined, we can draw willpower and suggestions from the book "Foods for a good mood”Which shows us foods and recipes to combat tiredness, anxiety, listlessness, sleep disturbances. Believe it or not, our emotions also depend on our diet, it is important avoid monotony at the table and arrange the dishes in a pleasant way. In addition to the taste buds, the eye also wants its part.

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