Macingo, the motorcycle transport that cuts costs and CO2

Macingo, the motorcycle transport that cuts costs and CO2

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Who found himself having tocarry a motorcyclehe knows it is a very complex mission!

First of all it will be necessary to identify the couriers who offer this service and secondly it will be necessary to deal with the onerous rates. THE costs to transport a motorcycle they can be very discouraging, yet those who want to take their two wheels on vacation with them (even abroad) do not have many choices.

Who intends to provide for themotorcycle transporton your own, you may be wondering how much i costs to transport a motorcycle by train or ship… The speech is not so simple, in fact it has not been possible for several years transporting motorcycles by train (Trenitalia has abolished the service and Italo has never offered it!); for what concern motorbike transport by ship, you will have to pay for the transit for the motorcycle as well as having to buy a ticket for yourself as you will have to personally load and unload the vehicle.

So is shipping a motorcycle impossible?
Luckily no, there are innovative services that can offer themotorcycle transportat low cost.

Transporting motorcycles at low costs and cutting CO2

According to a Eurostat estimate, more than 25% of the heavy vehicles on our roads pass completely empty and more than 50% still have space to load goods.

In practice the Eurostat estimate tells us that to get a low cost motorcycle transport we just need to contact thosetransportersthat they are covering,empty load,the route of our interest!

Fortunately, there is a service that allows us to contact that carrier. The service in question is calledMacingo.

Macingo connects those who need to ship a motorcycle with transporters who have space available on their vehicles. With Macingo everyone wins because this system guarantees:

  • an extra income to the transporter,
  • a big savings for those in need of transport the motorcycle,
  • a clear cut in harmful emissions, so the environment wins too.

The service can put us in contact with carriers covering the national or international network, so that we canship the motorcyclealso atabroad.

How to transport the bike at low cost

The Macingo service can be seen a bit like thecar sharing of shipments and it works with the same ease and the same cost advantage. To ship a motorcycle with Macingo you will need to take two steps:

  1. Register at
    recording will also take you less than 30 seconds!
  2. Enter the data of the transport of your interest, namely:
    - departure and destination of the motorcycle to be transported
    - model of the motorcycle
    - when, shipping times

The more detailed the request, the more information will be transmitted to the carriers. If you can, along with the model of the motorcycle, also enter the dimensions of the vehicle.

Your need formotorcycle transportit will be sent to a large number of carriers who will be able to make their proposals. The request formotorcycle transportit is free and there is no obligation to follow the quotes received. In the information you can also enter an indicative price so as to avoid receiving quotes that are too far from your expectations.

For all information and to request your quote, the page is available:Macingo Motorcycle Transport

Tips for transporting the motorcycle safely

Typically, beforesendyour bike, the mechanics advise you todrain away all liquids, this means emptying the fuel tank, the oil tank and any other fluid.

Another concern is to lower the tire pressure, this will help the frame to better absorb the vibrations generated during the journey.Warning!You do not have to deflate the tires but only to decrease the pressure so as to make the tires softer and more flexible.

If you have to ship the motorcycle to Germany in the middle of winter, disconnect the battery! If your motorcycle's travel destination is a very cold place, disconnecting the battery will protect the entire vehicle's electrical system.

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