Nutrition in menopause

Nutrition in menopause

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Nutrition in menopause, a delicate subject in a period that is often critical for a woman, even if it depends on woman to woman, each lives it in their own way and that is why it is not appropriate to generalize by giving superficial advice and reaching hasty conclusions on what is better and what is worse. There is, however, some proven information on which to rely to tell in general what they can be the best eating habits to adopt at the age of 50. This also taking into account that the post-menopausal period, considering the lengthening of the average life span, now lasts over 30 years. It is good arrive prepared for change and live it as best as possible, staying fit. Not just aesthetics!

A nutrition in menopause in fact, it must be thought of knowing that blood fats increase in this phase and promote atherosclerosis, blood flow in the vessels is reduced, negatively affecting blood pressure. Also the lack of estrogen affects the amount of calcium in the bones and this raises the risk of osteoporosis.

Nutrition in menopause: what to eat

Ingredients that must never be missing innutrition in menopause they are bread, pasta, rice and derivatives, better if integral, fish and also milk and its derivatives being rich in precious calcium. Cheese is good if it is low in fat: mozzarella, caciottine, crescenza or ricotta. Among the seasoned, only the Grain all right.

Eggs can be eaten 2 per week, even meat can very well be included in the menopausal diet with the foresight to choose that of beef, veal, veal, chicken, rabbit, turkey, pork loin or horse. Legumes are an excellent alternative to meat or fish, but let's not forget fruit, fresh and not too sugary, never sweetened. Everything we want can be seasoned, when needed, with extra virgin olive oil and in a whole day we must drink at least 1.5 liters of water.

Diet in menopause to lose weight

Those who are afraid of gaining weight due to an incorrect diet in menopause should not go on a diet by removing the above ingredients from the menu. Instead, it is necessary monitor your lifestyle without being alarmed when someone says that in this phase of life the metabolism "slows down".

It is true but it is necessary to specify how much: the energy requirements drops by about 50-70 calories per day, so nothing that should lead us to upset our way of eating. Better pay attention to the danger of a sedentary lifestyle and snacks related to nervousness or stress. A course of Tai Chi it could be a great way to stay in harmony with yourself

Nutrition in menopause foods to avoid

There are some foods that don't even have to be bought if you want to stay fit and healthy during and after menopause. All fatty toppings such as butter, lard, margarine, cream, bacon, lard, spirits and fatty meats, even worse if breaded and fried, as well as offal.

Some others, however, can be included in thenutrition in menopause but not too often. This applies to sweets and sugary drinks, coffee - maximum 2 per day - and wine, maximum one glass per day. Even too sugary fruit like grapes, bananas, figs, persimmons and mandarins, it can be consumed only occasionally.

Nutrition in early menopause

For stay fit even in early menopause, it is good to move and exercise as well as have a correct diet in menopause. The motion must be regular, we take a walk at least half an hour a day and if we want we can sign up for dance classes, do free swimming or water aerobics.

In the meantime, we monitor our weight once a week, avoid smoking and stay in the sun for as long as possible promote the synthesis of vitamin D.

Diet in menopause must be richer than ever in calcium, vitamin D, the dishes must be cooked in a simple way: grilled, grilled, steamed, boiled or baked.

Menopausal nutrition recipes

An excellent recipe for the summer that follows the principles of good nutrition in menopause is that of one rich salad, fresh and nutritious. For 4 people you need 300 grams of fennel, 350 grams of asparagus, 350 grams of green beans, 200 grams of fresh peas and 250 grams of ricotta salata. We season with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, salt and black pepper. Tasted with a little whole grain bread it's perfect. Other ideas in the book "Nutrition in menopausealso available on Amazon.

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