Spring mattresses, how they are made

Spring mattresses, how they are made

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Spring mattress and pocket springs: opinions, prices and features. Tips to make the best choice based on your real needs. Comparison with Latex and Memory Foam.

THEspring mattressesthey are a great classic! In this article we will talk aboutspring mattresseswith a particular focus onpocket spring mattress. We will bring you the opinions of experts, advice on buying, market prices and all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of mattress.

Before seeing the opinions about thespring mattresses, we invite you to read the guidehow to choose a mattress, reported at the end of the page.

Spring mattresses, how they are made

THEspring mattressesthey consist of layers of insulated padding laid between metal support elements. These metal elements (the springs) are spiral-shaped and have the task of supporting the body. The metal elements are adjacent and in contact with each other.

Pocket spring mattress, how they are made

THEspring mattressesmore recent are those in which each spring is isolated from the others. For this reason, they are saidpocket spring mattresses. How they are made? Each spring is enclosed in a lining thus resulting independent from the others.

The metal elements (springs) are enclosed in casings which are glued together. In this way the compressive strength of the single spirals is canceled. The metal spiral remains intact: it is only the bag that deforms and not the contents.

Thepocket springsindividually, they guarantee targeted springing where the pressure is greater or less, without involving the entire metal structure.

How many springs should a good spring mattress have?

A good product must have a minimum of 400 springs in the case of a traditional spring mattress. If we are talking about a pocket spring mattress, they must be at least 800.

A good number of springs is required to provide adequate elastic support. The springs must gently support the body by decompressing the points with the highest tension such as the head, neck, back and pelvis.

Ideal thickness of the spring mattress

Not only is the number of springs important, you must also check the thickness which must never be less than 21 cm.

Rigid pocket spring mattress

Based on the structure of the metal elements (springs), aspring mattressit can be more or less rigid.

Thanks topocket springs, there are double mattresses for couples of different builds: in practice one half is softer, and suitable for a thin person while the other half is stiffer, more suitable for those who are overweight.

If your partner is very thin or much fatter than you, thepocket spring mattressit could be the best choice compared to a Memory Foam or a latex due to the possibility of having two zones of different stiffness.

Spring or latex mattress | Spring mattress or Memory Foam

If you have to choose a mattress, you will certainly have asked yourself the classic ritual questions:

  • Is a spring or memory foam mattress better?
  • Is a spring or latex mattress better?

In reality there is no universal answer because not everyone has the same needs. Let's see immediately what are the advantages of choosing amattressthan another.

Who has structural problems likescoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis it could be better with a Memory Foam. Thespring mattressorpocket springscompared to Memory Foam, it has a lower ability to adapt to body shapes.

The stiffer models are particularly suitable for those suffering frombackachepostural, for overweight people and for people with mobility problems: they facilitate the task of getting on and off the bed.

Compared to a latex mattress, but also to a memory foam, thespring mattress(or pocket springs) should be chosen by those suffering from night sweats. The spring mattress is much more breathable and stays dry. On the contrary, latex and memory foam not only retain heat but with it also body fluids because they do not offer good perspiration.

Unlike the Memory Foam mattresses or a Latex that follow gods parameterssimilar, i spring mattresses they can offer many degrees of rigidity. So, from this point of view, there is more space for "customization" and for choosing the mattress based on your weight.

To understand what it must befirm a spring mattress(or latex or memory foam) we advise you again to read the guide onhow to choose a mattress.

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