Symbiotics: meaning and benefits

Symbiotics: meaning and benefits

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Symbiotics, some foods are called that perform by definition but in a scientifically proven way, beneficial actions for our body. We often find these foods in the company of probiotics and prebiotics, it is important to know all three categories and learn to distinguish them because only by combining them correctly can they be used to achieve excellent results. All this belongs to the idea, lifestyle, based on eating and doing your best even when you are healthy to stay like this as long as possible.

Symbiotics: meaning

The symbiotic foods they are functional, they are able to carry out beneficial actions for our body helping us to stay or get back to health. In addition to the medical point of view, play an important role even in a broader context of psycho-physical well-being.

We have talked about food so far, butadjective of symbiotics it can also be associated with drugs or supplements. To be defined as such they must contain microorganisms live and vital probiotics which act positively on the intestinal microflora with a tangible and translatable result with an increase in well-being for the consumer.

This definition which may seem vague and suspicious in truth implies a series of scientific checks on the characteristics necessary to be symbiotic. It is not a random writing on a package to make a product seem healthier.

Also useful to know that when we try symbiotic, i pharmacy products, usually for therapeutic use and registered as medicines, in most cases they contain more than the others that we find called "supplements" and which are often suitable for those who are healthy and want simply stay healthy.

Symbiotics: advantages

There are numerous advantages that we can link to the consumption of symbiotics, whether they are food or supplements and drugs. For example, they can make a improvement with regard to lactose intolerance, at the same time lead to a increased absorption of calcium, iron and magnesium.

With symbiotics also the intestinal mucosa it is more selective and this means having a series of consequent benefits. Precisely from this action on the intestine, the symbiotics appear to have a hypocholesterolemic, immunostimulating and hypotiglyceride-lowering effect, as well as being used as substances that normalize intestinal function.

It is also possible to take symbiotics for protect yourself from inflammation and infections always concerning the intestine or to treat diarrhea that results from the use of antibiotics.

In addition to these proven advantages, there are others that have yet to be confirmed at a medical scientific level and it is right to make a distinction. Many times these are beneficial effects that vary with the type of probiotic bacteria contained in the symbiotic and their concentration.

Symbiotics in food

There are some foods that they contain symbiotic and are those in which probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic substrates are present. Some examples are i foods with bifidobacteria and fructooligosaccharides, or with lactobacilli and lactitol, or again with bifidobacteria and galacto-oligosaccharides.

Better symbiotics, probiotics and prebiotics

The best way today to use probiotics and prebiotics is to associate them correctly, so that their effects are integrated and optimized in order to increase our well-being. On the one hand, to improve the survival of probiotic organisms and at the same time provide a specific substrate for the resident bacterial flora.

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