Strawberry grapes: properties and recipes

Strawberry grapes: properties and recipes

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Strawberry grapes, one of the most widespread varieties of the vine plant, it is not made in Italy but comes from America. It has been cultivated and tasted in the beautiful country since about the mid-nineteenth century. Many like it, many others not at all, it has a flavor and also a texture that make it distinguishable from other varieties and even the rules governing its use are studied ad hoc.

Strawberry grapes: properties

To be precise, the strawberry grape comes from North America, in Europe it is quite widespread and it can be used both as a table grape, but also as a real wine grape. Not everywhere, but in theory, the wine produced with this variety can be enjoyed.

It has a taste that is certainly not easy to confuse. In Italy strawberry grapes are used in 90% of cases as a fruit to be served at the table, to nibble when hungry or for a healthy gluttony. It is very sugary so in many diets it is cited as one of the fruits not to eat every day.

Strawberry grape: flowering

The strawberry grape plant is wonderful, much more nice to see than the average grape plant, for this reason it is often cultivated also for ornamental purposes. We find it in the private gardens, on the balconies of some apartments and houses.

The leaves have a dark shade and are large, the clusters are formed by berries, as always happens, but in this case their dimensions are extremely small. A feature that makes strawberry grapes one of the easiest varieties to spot "in the pile". Before the clusters are formed, flowers are sprouting which have a delicate and candid aspect. They are small and assembled, just like the grapes that follow.

Strawberry grape: how to grow it

It is very easy to grow this grape variety because it is very resistant to the most common diseases, first of all the phylloxera. It's not over: this plant it adapts to all humid soils and the most diverse climates, as long as the temperatures are not too freezing.

There is no need to fertilize the strawberry grape plant and not too much to control it because it's not often that it's haunted from wasps or other insects. If you want to cultivate it, you need to know that the propagation occurs by cuttings. You can also buy strawberry grape plants online, a black variety plant costs 8.90 euros.

Calories strawberry grapes

In 100 grams of strawberry grapes there are 67 Kcal, but not only. Among the various substances we also find 2 mg of Sodium, 191 of Potassium of zero fat, 16 grams of sugars and 1 gram of fiber. As for vitamins, we find above all A and C.

Strawberry grape in Europe

European legislation regulates strawberry and grape grapes with precise and strict rules does not allow wines to be sold produced with grapes that are not part of the vitis vinifera. So those produced using the strawberry, it is not a vitis vinifera, are not legal on the market.

The flavor of this grape is particular and so is the wine made from it, as well as having unique organoleptic properties. It is very sweet and fruity, it really tastes a little strawberry, and the wine too, in fact we are talking about fragolino wine, you can only taste it if you find it produced for family purposes.

Strawberry grapes: recipes

So particular is the flavor of this variety that it is inevitable to find it in original and tasty recipes. In that of strawberry grape risotto, for example, also suitable for vegetarians, even vegans if they do not cover it with Parmesan.

Another interesting and much more summery recipe is that of strawberry grape ice cream. It is prepared at home first by washing the berries and blending them together with the rest of the ingredients, preferably organic.

Jelly strawberry grape

Jelly with the taste of this grape is very popular. We can also cook it at home. For a jar of this goodness you need 600g of strawberry grapes and 80g of sugar. Wash the berries and placed in a saucepan, with peel and seeds, cook everything over medium heat for half an hour and then use the vegetable mill to eliminate seeds and peels.

We obtain a puree which we must then add to the sugar and cook for 6 more minutes. Removed from the heat and allowed to cool, the jelly must pass the saucer test. This recipe is one of unusual jams which I recommend you try.

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