Growing watermelon in pots

Growing watermelon in pots

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Growing watermelon in pots: what are the seeds and plants of watermelon most suitable for growing in pots. Frommini watermelonwith baby watermelon. All the tips for growing watermelons in pots and where to find the seeds.

On this page we will give you advice oncultivation of watermelon in pots, from the most suitable varieties to the best time to start.

Grow watermelon at home, on the balcony or terrace

If you want to grow watermelon in pots, you are probably thinking of growing in confined spaces such as a balcony or terrace.

For balconies and terraces, keep in mind that watermelon, like all plants, do not like too ventilated places. The wind tends to dehydrate the plant as well as damage it. If there is a lot of wind on your balcony or terrace, set up windbreaks and try to pay attention to the water supply.

The cultivation ofwatermelon in the houseit's even more complicated. At home, the air is drier and, in addition to paying attention to parameters such as soil moisture and temperature, you must ensure the plant plenty of light.

Forgrowing watermelon in pots and get good fruiting, the plant will need to be exposed in a very bright place. Ideally, the plant should be grown in pots with southern exposure, so as to benefit from many hours of light a day. At home we don't always have a south-facing balcony, so choose the brightest area.

When sowing watermelon

Watermelon can be sown, in a protected environment, starting from February, in southern Italy, and from March in the north. For thesowingwatermelon in pots, placing the pot directly outdoors, perhaps on the balcony or terrace, you will have to wait until late spring.

To understand when to plant or sow watermelon, just take a look at the mercury column. The temperature should not drop below 14 ° but ... the warmer it is, the better it is for the plant: full vegetative activity is recorded with temperatures between 25 and 30 °.

To get a more precise idea, aim for the middle ground! Start growing watermelon when temperatures remain stable around 18 - 19 ° C.

Variety of watermelon to grow in pots

There are those who call youwatermelonand who calls himwatermelon. The fruit obtained is the same: a juicy and refreshing fruit with a red pulp!

For growing in pots, choose varieties that offer fruit no larger than 8 kg. This is the case ofmini watermelonssuitable for growing in pots.

They call it baby watermelon, mini watermelon or dwarf watermelon. It is a variety that will ripen fruits with a thin skin and a weight that only rarely goes beyond 8 kg.

If it is easy to find the seeds of the classic large watermelons on the market. The seeds of themini watermelonthey are harder to find. For completeness we point out an amazon page where a nursery offers these seeds.

Helpful page from Amazon: Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds
Price: 4.88 euros with shipping costs included.

Sow the watermelon

Theresowing of watermelonit's simple, you just need to put 3 or 4 seeds in each pot and, after germination, you can keep the strongest seedling. Germination usually occurs within 6 - 10 days. Use a soft and fertile soil. I advise you to take a specific medium or in any case with a pH between 6 and 6.8.

For this soil pH reaction, you do not have to irrigate the plant with tap water if the water is calcareous. If you use hard water, you risk damaging yours mini watermelon in jar.

Watermelon plant with yellowing leaves

If you notice the yellow-leaved watermelon plant, the soil will most likely have become excessively calcareous. Follow the instructions I gave you on the page dedicated to the irrigation of acidophilic plants. Warning! Watermelon is not an acidophilic plant, it prefers a slightly acidic pH reaction but in areas of Italy where the hardness of drinking water is excessive, watermelon should not be irrigated with tap water.

How to grow watermelon in pots

The size of the pot for growing watermelon is important, but the tutor you place next to the plant is even more important.

The dimensions of the pot must never be less than 30 cm in diameter and 30 cm in depth.

The vase must be placed near a fairly high railing. Even better if you associate the watermelon plant pot with a trellis. When you growpotted watermelon you will have to make sure that this can develop vertically.

Set up a trellis (also with two old broom boards and a net) about 120 cm high. The trellis must be sturdy and firm because it must resist the wind and support the weight of the fruit.

Curiosity: watermelon as a vasodilator

Did you know that watermelon is often labeled as "passion fruit"? Everything would be attributable to its vasodilating effect. The white part of watermelon is rich in a vasodilating amino acid, citrulline. Citrulline could help humans in erectile dysfunction problems even if the white part of the fruit is commonly discarded. It would seem that due to the abundance of citrulline, watermelon is often referred to as the "passion fruit".

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