White garden flowers

White garden flowers

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White garden flowers: names, pictures and tips on fragrant white flowers to grow in the garden. Growing needs and advice.

Thanks towhite flowers, in the garden, it is possible to create fragrant spots, hedges or a real curtain of blooms. There are manyplants with white flowersand some of them manage to give usfragrant white flowersto make the neighborhood envious.

White garden flowers, names and pictures

Let's see some names of these plants and pictures.

White garden flower, Spirea

In the photo at the top, arranged at the top of the page, you can see white Spiraea flowers. We are talking about a shrub species of the same family as the Rosaceae. The plants grow from 40 cm to 3 meters in height. The Spiraea nipponica species of the Snowood variety offers abundant blooms: just think that its name means "snowdrift" due to the abundance ofwhite flowersproduced from the end of spring. This plant species grows around 80 - 90 cm in height.

White garden flower, Exochorda

It's awhite flowering plantnot very widespread. It has long and thin stems of a color between red and brown. The flowers appear in spring, gathered in axillary racemes. The color of these flowers is a pure white as seen in the photo below.

The exochorda plant is cold hardy but needs fertile, fresh, deep and well-drained soils. It grows well both in full alone and in partial shade. It requires strong pruning because dry or weak branches affect its appearance. It can reach and exceed 3 meters in height.

Let's now see what the names of the plants they produce arefragrant white flowers.

Fragrant white flowers

Philodelph or Angel flower

Also note asangel flower, produces pure white flowers, with a persistent, intense but not aggressive perfume. The flowers are cup-shaped, with a variable diameter ranging from 2 to 5 cm. This plant needs space: it can stretch up to a diameter of two meters and blooms profusely. To have abundant blooms you will have to cut the old woody branches: the plant blooms on young branches.

Choisya or Mexican orange

Hiswhite flowersthey resemble those of Orange. The leaves are waxed, evergreen and bright in color. The flowers appear in April and are very fragrant. If well kept, it can reach a diameter of 150 - 200 cm.

Choisya's flowers resemble those of orange, don't you think? Judge for yourself by looking at the photo above.

Balloon of May

Viburnum or Viburnum opulus. This plant produces spherical flowers. The fragrant flowers reach a considerable diameter, from 8 to 10 cm. The smell is intense andintrusive. The plant produces two different types of flowers: large, showy sterile flowers in the outer crown, and smaller, more fertile flowers in the center.

Beautiful at night

Its botanical name is Mirabilis jalapa. For its herbaceous green bush it is counted among the perennials, it blooms from July to September with fragrant white funnel-shaped and five-lobed flowers. The fragrant white flowers are 4 cm in diameter and gathered in groups of 3 - 6 specimens. These flowers give off a delicate scent and bloom at night.


The Lilies of the Valley deliver flowers very fragrant that develop in clusters on the various stems. The thrush it blooms throughout the month of May, grows best in the shade and is ideal for cutting to create floral compositions. For all the info: grow lily of the valley.

Jasmine and false jasmine

TheJasminebotanicallyJasminum, differs from false jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) for different characteristics. To distinguish a jasmine from a false jasmine look at the leaves: the jasmine Jasminum has lighter and less glossy leaves than the false jasmine which has slightly waxed leaves. In addition, the flowers are also different even if both have 5 petals, those of the false jasmine are more elongated.

For care and pictures:

  • jasmine in vase
  • jasmine not blooming

Hedge with white garden flowers

If you are looking for a hedge that produces white flowers, you can evaluate all the shrub species seen on this page or, again, you can grow white oleander or privet.

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