How to cure geranium, useful information

How to cure geranium, useful information

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How to cure geranium. Information on care and advice for growing geraniums in pots or in the ground. How to grow geraniums for beautiful blooms.

On this page we will give you useful information regarding exposure, irrigation, fertilization and choice of pots. Advice on geraniums in the open ground.

Have you ever strolled through the streets of the city center and admire, with a pinch of envy, those balconies full of flowers and colors? Cheerful and colorful…. surely you will have understood that it is geraniums!

How to care for geraniums

Geraniums are ornamental plants that need fewcareand, if placed in their ideal habitat, they can give abundant blooms. In this guide we will show you how to care for geraniums giving you all the useful information to provide for the optimum cultivation some plants.

The purchase of new geranium plants

At the time of purchase, make sure that the geranium plants do not have yellowed parts. Also make sure that there are some buds and that, in particular, the stems are a nice light green. Also look carefully at the leaves: small holes or black spots could indicate the presence of an annoying parasite called the geranium butterfly. Therefore, avoid igeraniumsthat have leaves with holes or with black spots, otherwise you would risk contaminating the plants you already host in your garden.

Geraniums on the balcony or in the garden, where to put them

Exposure is of fundamental importance to obtain good blooms. The geranium should be exposed to the south, even in sheltered positions. In this way, although it is not placed directly in the sunlight, it still receives enough: insufficient radiation would compromise its development.

If you have few leaves it could be problems with the soil (low nitrogen) but also poor lighting.

At worst, if you have ageranium that does not bloomlow light may be the cause. THEgeraniums without flowersthey should be moved to a very bright place.

How to water geraniums

To be sure that the plant grows luxuriant it is necessary to keep the soil moisture constant. In summer you will have to water every day.

How to irrigategeraniums in winter? In winter it will be enough to water the geraniums even just once or twice a month.

With the arrival of the warm months, watering will have to intensify up to once a day: plants placed in the ground can be watered every two or three days even in the hottest months of the year.

Remember to water only in the soil and never on the leaves: this practice could cause the appearance of fungi that are harmful to the health of the plant. Another tip is to water the plants in the evening, especially in summer since the high temperatures could evaporate the water and consequently make the plant dry.

Fertilize geraniums

Geranium does not need to be fertilized constantly, but it is preferable to do it about twenty days after the purchase of the plant. The most suitable fertilizer for geraniums is the one that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and usually must be diluted with water, to prevent the roots from drying out.

Potted geranium

As for the choice of pots, it is preferable to always opt for terracotta pots rather than plastic ones as they favor the transpiration of the soil: the diameter of the pots must be at least 18 or 20 centimeters, to allow the natural development of the roots. of the plant. The pots should be spaced at least twenty centimeters from each other. For further information, we recommend reading the article "Geraniums in pots, care".

Geraniums in the open ground

Those lucky enough to live in an area of ​​Italy with a mild climate all year round (Southern Italy), can indulge in the luxury of growing geraniums in the garden by planting them in the ground. The care to be devoted to the cultivation of geranium in the open ground are listed in the articlegeraniums in the open ground.

Fragrant or hollyhock geranium

Betweenfragrant geraniumswe remember the species with the characteristic rose scent, the geranium graveolens (Pelargonium graveolens).

Thefragrant geraniumit can reach up to 150 cm in height. It is characterized by deeply incised leaves covered with glandular hairs. It is precisely from the numerous glands that a very fragrant substance is secreted. The leaves of this geranium, as well as its fronds, are widely used in cosmetics and perfumery due to their intense smell.

Those who live in Southern Italy can cultivate thehollyhock(fragrant geranium) even in the open ground.

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