How to insulate a wall

How to insulate a wall

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How to insulate a wall: tips for insulating perimeter walls (internal or external) from cold, humidity, mold and noise. Thermal and acoustic insulation.

How to insulate a wall from the inside or the outside, types of panels, thermal plasters, thermal insulation materials and ad hoc modules. Prices and information.

Insulation of an internal or external wall

Forisolate a wallit is possible to work from inside or outside with more or less economic solutions. It is not possible to tell youhow muchisolate a wall because it all depends on the method you choose. Without a doubt, working from the outside by implanting athermal coatit is the most expensive intervention. An external thermal coat, as well as the internal insulation of a wall, can be considered decisive interventions only if performed in a workmanlike manner.

Before you try your hand at awall insulationdo it yourself, evaluate well what you are going to meet. Do-it-yourself is certainly possible but also risky when you don't have the right skills.

Materials for insulating a wall

To insulate a wall, a large number of insulation materials are available. They range from natural materials, suitable both for insulating the interior and exterior of the wall, to artificial or synthetic materials, more harmful to humans and therefore not suitable for internal wall insulation.

Expanded polystyrene (polystyrene)

The least expensive method forisolate a wallinvolves the use of polystyrene and glass wool panels to be fixed to the wall and covered with bricks, plasterboard, decorative coverings or finishes of various kinds. On the market there are also finished modules ready to be fixed to the wall, in this case it will only be necessary to paint them.

Among the advantages of this insulating material we include itssound absorption, it is a good one acoustic insulation, as well as thermal. The pre-packaged modules available on the market can have a fixing system (but they are more expensive) or are designed to be fixed to thewall to be insulatedwith mortar and concrete.

Easy to install polyurethane panels

Who wants to do a DIY installation eacoustically insulateand thermally a wall, it can take advantage of flexible rolls or self-adhesive panels.

The rolls are fixed with a layer of glue and then covered with a plasterboard panel. Who wants a "good job" but that is equally effective to isolate onewall from moisture and mold, it can cover the roll with a layer of building material, even simple stucco for strong thicknesses.

Among the insulating panels on the market we would like to point out two with an excellent value for money:

  • Roll of sound-absorbing material, ideal for guaranteeing excellent acoustic insulation and good thermal insulation. Offered on Amazon at a price of 95 euros for a 3 meter roll.
  • Self-adhesive polyurethane sound-absorbing panel. Ideal for ensuring excellent sound insulation and insulating walls from humidity and mold thanks to its water-repellent properties.

Thermal insulation panels

Individual expanded polystyrene modules cannot be defined as "complete panels". The best and most used "thermal insulation panels" in construction have a structure asandwichgiven by a double layer of insulating material. The thermal insulation panels can be made with different materials, first of allnatural thermal insulators:cellulose fiber, natural wool felts and flakes, blond cork, wood fiber, ceramic fiber, expanded clay, cellular glass….

There is no shortage of artificial insulating materials such as expanded PVC, phenolic resins and thermal insulating foam panels. The complete list is available on the page dedicated to thermal insulation materials. Thepriceof thermal insulation panels is closely related to the chosen material.

A few examples?
THEinsulated panelscorrugated metal and polyurethane insulation have a price ranging from 10 to 27 euros per square meter but the price can reach 80 euros are consideredinsulated wall panels in imitation wood with dry laying.

As stated, there are several on the marketthermal insulation panelsmade with more or less finished structures and materials. To get a picture of the situation on the various proposals capable ofisolate a wall, from inside or outside, we refer you to the article "Thermal insulation, the materials of efficiency“.

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