Pure anti-wrinkle snail slime

Pure anti-wrinkle snail slime

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Snail slime, a remedy completely natural anti-wrinkle, with zero parabens, zero silicones and zero petrolatum but with a high moisturizing power. Not only that: this substance that we will learn about is also a effective anti-reddening, useful for preventing not only wrinkles, but also other unwanted skin problems such as acne and stretch marks. We can use it also for the eye area, let's see how and why and, even before, what it is.

Snail slime: what it is

Snail slime is one soft cream that moisturizes the skin and is used above all as an anti-wrinkle because it is very effective from this point of view thanks to the stimulation of the synthesis of native collagen, due to glycolic acid combined with collagen, elastin, vitamins and mucopolysaccharides. However, it is not the only beneficial effect that this product has on our body when we spread it on the skin.

The snail slime is in fact also a good remedy against stretch marks because it contains glycolic acid which is an exfoliant, and proteins and vitamins which are regenerating.

The combination of allantoin, collagen, vitamins makes snail slime also a cicatrizant, among the various properties attributed to it, including soothing, nourishing, as far as the skin is concerned, and purifying. Even if you are not old enough to wrinkle, you can use it to fight acne, blemishes and scars.

Concentrated snail slime

Concentrated snail slime is generally recommended to treat but also to prevent numerous types of imperfections. Among these, the signs of premature aging of the skin stand out, which are among the most felt and most "talked about" problems, and which often make us wrinkle our face in a grimace of discomfort when we look in the mirror. Without having to resort to any strange artifice, the concentrated snail slime can help us in ours fight against wrinkles.

It is not a product that covers them, because it acts on the level of skin elasticity and the degree of dryness. In case of blemishes, scars and stretch marks, does its part and is often recommended even to those who simply have delicate and particularly reactive skin.

Snail slime: properties

As you may have already guessed, snail slime is a very special cream and must be chosen of excellent quality to obtain the promised benefits. The one produced by Nuvò Cosmetic, "PURE NUVÒ" it is pure and concentrated and extracted so that it retains ahigh concentration of mucopolysaccharides. To be sure, it is subjected to two tests that we will see in more detail in the next paragraph. Two words instead, now, on the extraction method that gives us the high-level performance of the snail slime in question.

It's about a fully manual extraction mode, in which the use of neither machinery nor saline substances is foreseen. You take the snail slime "at the source", from those reared outdoors in the hills of Lake Garda, and you extract it directly.

Nothing more "simple", nothing more natural, nothing more suitable for obtaining an effective product. To further optimize, a particular snail is chosen, the Helix aspersa Müller which is unquestionably considered the one with the best drool. All that remains is filter it and microfilter it, proceeding in the laboratory that guarantee maximum quality standards.

Nuvò Cosmetic snail slime moisturizing face serum: strengths and where to buy it

The moisturizing serum of snail slime Nuvò Cosmeticit undoubtedly has some peculiarities that need to be explained precisely. The study and expertise underlying the high quality of the product are by no means trivial or trivial. First of all in producing the whey, ozone treatment is also carried out which is a non-obvious procedure, designed to guarantee the sterilization of the secretion without chemical residues.

This also manages to foster the bioavailability of the active ingredients contained in snail slime and consequently to ensure that the skin is able to absorb them better. If one wonders where the ozone ends up, once the treatment is finished, it is transformed back into oxygen and leaves no trace inside the secretion.

As promised, here is explained i two tests to which the serum is subjected to snail slime. The first is that of dry residue, the other is that ofTyndall effect which is the term used to indicate a particular phenomenon of diffusion of light that "interacts" with the particles of the serum "testing" it. Nuvocosmetic serum is the only one, to date, to be subjected to in vitro efficacy tests, it is possible to deepen its properties and use at dedicated page of Nuvò Cosmetic.

Concentrated snail slime: contraindications

There are no contraindications which deny someone the opportunity to exploit the precious properties of snail slime, whether to counteract wrinkles or other imperfections. It is usually applied to the area of ​​interest, even several times a day.

If we are "struggling" with stretch marks or scars, we recommend applying Pure Nuvò both in the morning and in the evening for at least 40 days to obtain significant results. A small but useful warning for the "anxious": it is absolutely normal that in the first half hour after application, a feeling of "tension" on the skin: the snail slime is "working".

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