Instruments for measuring humidity in the house

Instruments for measuring humidity in the house

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Instruments for measuring humidity in the house: how to measure and establish the ideal humidity levels in the home with little money. Lots of useful tips and information.

Does humidity in the house have negative consequences on the walls and on health? The answer is a clear and decisive "yes". There are many, perhaps too many, negative consequences that humidity can have on everyday life, not only for the home and the walls of the house but also and above all for our physical health. There is no doubt: thehumidity in the house creates breathing problems, inflammation or even allergic reactions.

How to measure the humidity in the home

Is it possible to measure the degree of humidity in the house? Yes. There is a particular instrument called a hygrometer, which measures the relative humidity of the air.

Relative humidity and ideal humidity in the house

It is the ratio between the absolute humidity, defined as the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere at a given instant, and the saturation humidity, i.e. the maximum amount of water vapor that can be present at a given temperature and pressure. .

What does it mean? Put simply, the hygrometer is able to tell if there is too much humidity in a house. In general, in a house where the temperature is around 20-22 degrees, the humidity should be around 40-60%. But it must never drop below 20%, otherwise the air would be too dry.

As is known, humidity is caused by the presence of water vapor in an environment. We are talking about a quantity that is difficult to quantify without the appropriate ones measuring instruments.

There are many types of hygrometers on the market, even fully digitalized, which perform all the calculations, the derivations and take into account all possible climatic conditions.

Types of hygrometer

There are different types of hygrometer on the market. A first major and substantial difference lies in choosing the positioning of the latter, that is, establishing whether it is for internal or external use. Formeasure the humidity in the houseyou will need a hygrometer for indoor use.

Of course, a hygrometer for outdoor use must necessarily be waterproof, resistant to strong changes in humidity and therefore must also be very robust.

Another discriminating factor is the degree of precision of the instrument to which we entrust the humidity measurement. At home it will be possible to have an instrument that has precision margins that can usually fluctuate with error deviations from 1% to 5%.

In other environments, such as in laboratories, museums or even in the food sector, this tool must be as reliable as possible. Just think of the importance of the conservation of some products, such as works of art and therefore of the application of a hygrometer inside museums which in this case requires maximum precision.

Before purchasing a hygrometer, it is necessary to establish the use that will be made for it. Values ​​and differences that strongly affect the price that will increase or decrease based on the characteristics possessed by the instrument.

The same goes for if you want to buy a hygrometer for constant monitoring of humidity, or if it is our intention to detect it only in a certain period of time.

Also in this case there are different solutions on the market: we can find tools that can store the humidity over time and then be able to download this data to a computer to build a table and have many more parameters on hand; or there are standard ones that measure humidity at that precise moment without the possibility of any comparison.

How much does a hygrometer cost

Also online it is possible to buy a hygrometer, paying attention to the characteristics and thus choosing the one that best suits individual needs. On, for example, there are different types. Among these we point out one with an excellent value for money.

The Bresser 7007400 model is a hygrometer with ventilation recommendation, capable of detecting both internal and external humidity. In fact, an external sensor will be supplied. The device for measuring humidity in the home can be bought with € 30.69 and free shipping costs.

The indicated hygrometer offers constant monitoring of humidity but on Amazon it is also possible to buy instruments that offer a one-off measurement at a cost of less than 10 euros. Choose the product that best suits your needs.

For all information, please refer to the official Amazon page: Bresser, hygrometer with ventilation indicator.

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