How to sprout potatoes

How to sprout potatoes

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How to sprout potatoes: how to germinate potatoes and then proceed to cultivation. How to cut potatoes for planting and tips for planting sprouted potatoes.

There cultivation of potatoes it's simple, everyone can try: all you need is a couple of old sprouted potatoes. If you have forgotten the potatoes in the pantry, they have probably been able to emit one or more sprouts. On this page we will see how to stimulate the germination of potatoes and then continue to cultivation.

Potatoes for planting

Often, the potatoes that we find in the supermarket have been treated with substances capable of delaying germination. Thepotatoesintended forsowingthey should be purchased from an agricultural consortium or from a small local farmer. If you really don't know who to turn to, try buying organic potatoes by choosing the best tubers.

Remember that when choosing the tuber, you are not only selecting one potato but deciding which variety to grow.

Pre-sprouting: how to sprout potatoes

Therepre-sproutingallows us to shorten cultivation times and select the best potatoes to sow. It is carried out a month before sowing the potatoes.

To perform thepregerminationJust place the tubers inside a box, place them side by side without putting them together but occupying the space of a single layer.

Avoid stacking several potatoes on top of each other, otherwise there will be little light. Place the box in a bright and cool place. Warning! Bright yes, but not in direct sunlight.

When the buds have reached a length of 2-3 cm, the potatoes will be ready for the sowing.

Before plant potatoesRemove the extra sprouts: leave three sprouts for each potato or part of the potato you are going to plant.

Please note
Potato germination can also occur in the cupboard at home, especially when the potatoes are in direct contact with onions. The substances released by onions stimulate the potato germination.

The only drawback is that, in low light conditions such as in the cupboard at home, the sprouts emitted by potatoes are generally very thin. However, it costs you nothing to try grow sprouted potatoes naturally in the kitchen drawer, maybe the result will surprise you!

How to cut potatoes for planting

For sowing it is possible to use cut or whole potatoes. The large potatoes, with more sprouts, should be cut into several parts making sure that each portion goes to preserve 2 - 3 sprouts.

When to sow potatoes

Theperiodbest forsowpotatoes varies according to the climatic zone. Here is the period of planting potatoes:

  • In the South it can be sown from September to December.
  • At the Center you cansow potatoesfrom February to April.
  • In the north they cansow potatoesfrom April to June.
  • In coastal areas you can continue tosowingeven in February.

Those who sow in the garden will have to respect an adequate distance between one plant and another and between the different rows. The distance to be respected depends on the variety but generally a distance of 40 cm between one plant and another and 80 cm between one furrow (row) and the other is recommended.

For every information: grow potatoes.

How to store potatoes without sprouting them

Those who grow potatoes in the garden, in storage, risk finding themselves with a flood of sprouted potatoes that need to be consumed quickly. To prevent this from happening there is a right way to store potatoes and delay germination.

As soon as the sprouts are formed, care should be taken to eliminate them promptly. Furthermore, you should keep the potatoes in an area with temperatures no higher than 6 - 8 ° C (but the temperature must not even drop below 3 - 4 ° C otherwise the tubers will take on a sweetish and unpleasant taste. Humidity also plays a role. important role, the environment should not be too dry but not too humid.

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