Dog biting its tail: causes and remedies

Dog biting its tail: causes and remedies

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Dog biting its own tail, it is often said, on occasions that have very little to do with our four-legged friends. For example, when we find ourselves in a circular mechanism with no way out. In a vicious circle. In a chain of facts and reactions that must be broken, because if the dog biting its own tail it goes nowhere and just turns itself chasing itself. It is an image that has been used metaphorically for some time and is always highly effective. There are times, however, that the dog really biting its tail, and we don't have to look at it thinking it plays. This attitude can hide physical problems or behavioral on which as masters we must act promptly.

Dog biting its tail: causes

Before we think about the worst, if we see a dog biting its own tail, we evaluate the severity. It can be an acute fact or an organic problem, a habit or a case. Some of the more likely causes are allergic flea bite dermatitis, tail trauma with wounds, tail bites, a tail fracture, tail gland dermatitis or ai problems paranal bags.

Even a "trivial" pain in the queue can be behind this behavior. A dog that bites its tail, however, could also suffer from behavioral disturbances or neurological diseases, an obsessive disorder.

Dog biting its tail: remedies

If there are at the base behavioral problems, it is necessary to consult a behavioral veterinarian or a neurological disease expert to understand the specific cause. However, there are also cases in which a dog chasing its tail is simply very bored, has little stimulation.

For example if it is held tied to a chain or in a small enclosure, if he is often alone. Even the opposite case, that of an animal with too much stimulation and too much attention, it can have the same symptom, that weird biting of the tail in a classic insistent way of a hyper excited dog that wants even more attention.

In case of the lonely and bored dog, we can try to involve him more with walks, games or simply sharing the room with him while we work or cook. On the contrary, a dog that bites its own tail to get our attention he must understand that it is not the right strategy, so it should be ignored. The behavioral vet will certainly be able to identify a remedy observing your dog at 360 degrees.

Dog biting its tail: meaning

In a metaphorical sense I have already extensively told what we mean when we talk about dog biting its own tail. In everyday life, if we have a dog at home, we can try to interpret this way of doing it in different ways.

Let's start by saying that if it is not a recurring gesture, it is meaningless, or at least, it shouldn't worry us. Mostly if it comes to puppies, the intention is that they want to test their bodies, exploring it. -has a completely different meaning. And more worrying, but it is only together with a competent veterinarian that we can interpret what our dog wants to communicate to us.

Dog chasing its tail: what to do

When we are in the presence of a dog chasing its tail, before getting alarmed, we can perform some simple operations to exclude the most trivial causes. For example, we begin to check that it has no fleas, bites, abscesses, injuries or anything else at the level of the tail, try to ignore it completely, not looking at it. If there is no way it will stop, let's take it from behavioral veterinarian or neurologist.

C.ane biting its tail: what not to do

The first what NOT to do with a dog chasing its tail is to rant at him. Laughing at him is never a good idea either, better instead to start educating and observing it to understand if there are links with other attitudes or external stimuli. If it is a serious problem, don't expect it to pass quickly but don't wait months and months to have it seen by a specialist.

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