Leg water retention, causes and remedies

Leg water retention, causes and remedies

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Leg water retention, causes and remedies. Tips to counteract the phenomenon of water retention and swollen and heavy legs.

Therewater retentionit is a very serious problem for us women, especially when it causes swollen and heavy legs. Today I'll explain what thecauses of water retentionlocalized to the legs and how to fight this phenomenon with natural remedies.

Diuretics against water retention

Maybe you have tried counteract water retention by taking diuretics (natural or artificial). Diuretics are a good natural remedy for water retention but they also represent a somewhat risky solution and now I'll explain why.

Diuretics do not always represent adequate treatment for counteract water retention. If the cause of water retention it is a protein deficiency, diuretics will only make the situation worse.

If you are sure you are meeting your protein needs, then you can get help from them diuretics, otherwise it is better to take care of your diet and go to a good nutritionist.

Leg water retention, causes and consequences

The causes can be many. Among the most physiological causes we point out the pre-menstrual syndrome, pregnancy and sedentary life.

Lack of exercise is a very common cause of water retention in the legs. Why? Our venous system is supposed to pump blood overcoming the force of gravity. With a sedentary lifestyle, the flow of blood to the heart occurs very slowly and fluids begin to escape from the capillaries and accumulate in the tissues of the legs. Not just water retention and swollen legs: the same veins can become swollen and give life to the phenomenon known asvaricose veins.

Sedentary lifestyle is a very common cause ofwater retentionbecause exercise not only improves circulation, muscle mass also stimulates the lymphatic system to drain away excess fluids. In summary, the causes of water retention in the legs are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Sedentary life
  • Trips or flights that are too long (too long sitting)
  • Immobility or hospitalization (too long in bed)
  • Some medications
  • Protein deficiency
  • Lack of nutrients

Proteins attract water and play an important role in the water balance. In case of protein deficiency, the blood failsto attract into the capillarieswater from the fabrics.

Surely you have already witnessed this phenomenon. Have you ever seen pictures of a malnourished child? You have undoubtedly noticed that children of the fourth world, who live in hunger and misery, have very swollen abdomen. A swollen abdomen is nothing more than edema, an accumulation of fluids caused by a strong protein deficit.

Even very common drugs can cause water retention. Alas, the contraceptive pill does not make you fat but can cause swollen legs and water retention. Medicines containing estrogen as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs such as Aulin) and beta blocking drugs (those you take in case of arrhythmia or arterial hypertension).

Among the otherscausesof thewater retention legsI also point out certain dietary imbalances, in particular a deficiency of B vitamins and Magnesium could aggravate the problem of swollen legs and idirca retention.

Legs, water retention in pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially in the final phase, thewater retentionlocated at the level of legs it is a completely normal phenomenon. Swollen legs, feet and ankles are a consequence of the pressure and weight exerted by the uterus on the main veins of the pelvis.

Leg water retention, natural remedies

I have already pointed out diuretics as a natural remedy for swollen and heavy legs. What are diuretic foods? You can consult a dense list on the appropriate page: natural diuretics.

Exercise is an excellent natural remedy against water retention. Even movements that may seem insignificant can benefit your leg health. Also at this time, while reading, try to rotate your ankles (useful in case of swollen legs, feet and ankles) or to move your toes. One-off, these little exercises won't work wonders, but if you take them as a good habit they can only do you good.

Among other natural remedies, I invite you to eliminate the causes of water retention. If you can't do anything during pre-menstrual syndrome, at least you can avoid the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs! Consult a good nutritionist to plan a well-balanced diet.

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