Summer flowers for pots or gardens

Summer flowers for pots or gardens

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Summer flowers for pots or gardens: flowering plants capable of giving blooms all summer. Instructions on the cultivation of plants that bloom all summer.

On this page I will give you the names of some of the plants that can give you beautifulsummer blooms. They are adaptable plants both for container cultivation and in the garden, in special flower beds to be rotated with other seasonal flowers.

Bulbs that bloom in the summer

The bulbs that bloom in summer must be bought in the summer already in bloom and ready for planting. To save on costs, I recommend that you buy bulbs to plant in spring in order to witness the vegetative cycle of the plant and obtain a splendid flowering which, depending on the case, can last all summer! The list of bulbs that bloom in summer can be found here:summer flowering bulbous plants.

Summer flowers in pots: summer flowering bulbs
Let's start with the bulbous ones. Simple to grow and very practical for growing in pots. The depth and width of the pot for the plant varies according to the species to be planted but in general the dimensions are very small. The bulbs do not need much space and the repotting is done every two years to continue with the division of the bulbs and the multiplication of the plants.

Summer flowers in the garden: summer flowering bulbs
A single flower bed, if well managed, can give you summer, autumn, winter and spring blooms. Yes, you could have flowers all year round thanks to the bulbs. However, you will need to be prepared to replace plants with each change of season. It is not as difficult as it seems if you organize yourself with boxes to be buried together with your flower bulbs. For all the instructions, I refer you to the page:flower beds of bulbous plants.

Summer flowers for pots or gardens

Here is a list of the annual species that they bloomin the summer giving splendidflowerscolored. As with bulbs, you can buy plants that have already bloomed to plant or sachets of seeds. The seeds are much cheaper, they can be sown between March and May to appreciate the summer blooms. At the end of each paragraph I will show you an amazon link both for the purchase of seeds but above all to show you the images of these plants that bloom in summer.


It needs full sun and warmth to flower. You can top the stems: after cutting, the plant will take about 15 days to flower again. There are several varieties, choose the one you prefer for growing in pots or in the garden.


Again we are talking about oneflowering plantwhich resists in full sun. It is a climbing plant, it grows well even in partial shade. In fact, if you grow this plant in partial shade, you will have longer lasting summer blooms.

Once withered flowers and leaves must be removed to favor the vegetative turnover.


His begins flowering in summer but it also continues between September and October. It prefers full sun and offers vibrant flowers vaguely resembling daisies. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be more or less large. Again, for completeness (and to show you the images of summer flowers) I leave you a link from amazon: cosmea seeds.


A yellow or orange flower with a particular shape. It grows well in pots and in gardens near the sea (it resists drought and saltiness).

Sweet pea

Sweet pea is a beautiful flowering plant! It is far too underestimated, yet there are varieties fromsummer bloomsabundant and continuous. It can be grown both in pots and in the garden, it prefers full sun exposure even if you will need to protect thefoot of the plant with a light mulch (bark, clippings ...) so as to guarantee a humid environment even in the hottest climates. For all the information I invite you to read my article dedicated tosweet peas in pots.

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