Fast finger food

Fast finger food

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Fast finger food, it seems a Milanese happy hour saying, or da elite of gourmets who can afford to "pinch" delights that cost a fortune. And instead, today, when we talk about fast finger food, we can also mean quick recipes to prepare, and also easy, which they are captured with the fingers therefore also suitable for standing dinners, but not necessarily non-nutritious or unhealthy. Rather.

Fast finger food: recipes

Today they are popular, they seem a trend of recent years and it is actually in the last decade that they have depopulated in haute cuisine restaurants, but also on more common and informal occasions. In truth, if we go to consult carefully the recipes of our grandmothers, or great-grandmothers, we can track down many quick finger foods which were not called that but which have all the characteristics to deserve this nickname.

Just think about the salty puffs of San Giuseppe, perfect for Father's Day, but on other occasions, stuffed with cooked ham and robiola, they are an excellent appetizer. There are also i cazzilli, a classic in the Palermo area, potato croquettes with a typical slightly elongated oval shape.

From Lecce, then, arrive the Rustic leccesi, puff pastry discs stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and bechamel sauce. For those in search of inspiration, there is the book "Finger food. 140 recipes to eat in one bite"By Viviana Lapertosa, also for sale on Amazon for € 13.60.

Fast finger food: fish

Among the fast finger foods there are canapés with cannellini beans and salmon cream, to be prepared with 8-10 slices of wholemeal loaf bread, 80 g of canned cannellini beans, shallots, 100 g of salmon, 1 jar of black lumpfish roe and then salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and chopped parsley.

Other very popular fish-based recipes are i octopus rolls and omelette, simple and tasteful, or shrimp in puff pastry, perfect for an aperitif, combined with spicy sauce.

Fast sweet finger food

THE Rocher are the best among all types of fast sweet finger foods. For those who have unfortunately never tasted them, these are chocolates filled with wafer hazelnut grains. Equally delicious alternatives are the truffles with tiramisu and nutella, the croissants of ricotta puff pastry with nutella, pandoro pralines with almonds and chocolate. Too much sweetness? Let's go back to salty!

Fast cold finger foods

There are also fast finger foods to be served cold and simple to prepare and, if necessary, recycle. For example the wholemeal scones, to be filled at will, as a snack or as an aperitif, or, very choreographic, the fans of two-colored pastry which go well with a glass of white wine.

Serve cold or lukewarm, they may like it Vegetable meatballs, with broccoli and almonds, or those of cannellini beans, also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet or are intolerant to gluten.

Finger food: books

The beauty of the fast finger foods is that they can be invented from scratch according to their tastes. However, in order not to risk making too risky experiments, you can take inspiration from the recipes of others, personalizing them. Here are some titles of “inspiring” books.

“Chef at your fingertips. Gastronomic ideas for finger food "," Italian finger food. Beyond 200 recipes to eat with your hands "and"Cocktails and finger food. How to organize a successful party ".

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