Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

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Why are cats afraid of cucumbers, if many ask, at least it is what emerges by observing the questions that people type online. Honestly, I have never asked myself this but I wonder why there are those who ask and, in a chain, I become curious to know if it is why cats are afraid of cucumbers.

My two cats are not particularly terrified of cucumber, but there are several videos, online, showing several cats, even large ones, running away like hell, in front of cucumbers of modest size. Beyond why cats are afraid of cucumbers, I personally find it cruel to continue to provoke these felines who, even if they do not state the reasons, they have every right not to like cucumbers.

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

It is true that the videos show cats frightened of cucumbers but in truth, if you then go and investigate, there is no particular reason why this animal should have it with cucumber more than with courgette which has a similar shape.

There is no scientific reason that explains this behavior, cucumbers have no particular or particularly evil power. We are evil if we continue to subject him to unnecessary stress, putting cucumbers or other objects odd to him, in his bowl or in places where he likes to rest.

Why cats are afraid of watermelons

For watermelons, as for cucumbers, there is no reason or even evidence to say that cats have a dislike or fear related to this particular kind of fruit or vegetable. With watermelons, one suspects that a little fear is also linked to size of the watermelon. On average, it is comparable or even larger than a cat even of medium size.

Why cats are afraid of dogs

I have every day before the eyes proof that cats are not afraid of dogs as they coexist peacefully. There are some cases where this turns out to be true, but it's not a rule. Let's try to deepen the relationship between these two animals.

The dog can have a strong territorial instinct, then the cat could annoy him if he gets hold of the bed, for example. If the dog starts to defend its zones, barking and growling, it is obvious that the cat is afraid of the dog.

Another case of conflict is that of jealousy: if the cat already included in the family, we see an "intruder" dog coming, he is not literally afraid of it, but he does not usually welcome him with much kindness. Initially, then he gets used to it, takes note, and remains the owner of the house. It often happens that the dog is afraid of the cat, instead, because the feline defends itself with claws that leave their mark.

Because cats are afraid of water

It is not fear, what it shows the cat when in contact with or near water, but discomfort. As an animal, in fact, it is born in dry environments, so it is not "designed" for the movements foreseen by swimming. We will not see him wallowing in the sea as a Newfoundland dog or a Labrador, but maybe interact with a drop, a pool of water, gradually becoming familiar with this magical fluid but not bad or dangerous.

Why cats are afraid of zucchini

The zucchini resemble cucumbers, but as we don't know why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we likewise don't even know what drives them to flee in front of the zucchini. They are not poisonous to these animals, although I don't think they love eating them very much.

Because cats are afraid of the vacuum cleaner

Imagine you were born a millennium ago and find yourself in front of a running vacuum cleaner. Wouldn't you be afraid? This is why cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners. But if it interests us deepen these and other fears of cats, here a book that suits us.He explains them in a joking and imaginative way, to children aged 5 and up.

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