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Famous dogs

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Famous dogs, there are in art, cinema, history, comics. And then there are the famous dogs in the life of each of us, like the one who licked our ice cream as a child, that of the grandmother, with whom we played "together with our cousins", that of the neighbor who stole our skewers during a barbecue . Leaving each of us his personal history, we see the famous dogs officially, universally or almost.

Famous dog names

There is no name standard for famous dogs or it is more fashionable today call your NOT famous dog, with the name of a famous person to show everyone their admiration. Dogs called Ronaldo and Pelé, dogs called themselves Sissi in honor of the princess, or Madonna in the name of the singer, or Marilyn. There are several, but really famous dogs become such whatever name they have been given.

Famous male dogs

Argon, is ultra famous, because of Homer's poem in which it appears in a passage, in Ithaca. It is known because it immediately recognizes the master Odysseus even if disguised as a beggar, and wags his tail, lowers his ears. A moving scene that even those who have not studied too much remember with emotion. Argo worldwideit represents loyalty towards the master.

Famous female dogs

After the famous Laika, Belta (Squirrel) and Strelka (Arrow), were included in the Soviet space program and sent on a full-day orbital flight on August 19, 1960, inside the Korabl-Sputnik-2 rocket.

The two little dogs became famous for being the first animals to return safely to Earth. Today they rest preserved in Museum of Cosmonauts in Moscow.

Famous dogs in history

A famous dog in history is the one who lived alongside Adolf Hitler. It was a German Shepherd female by name Blondi, who has seen all the colors. This breed was adored by Hitler because he had one so young, so in 1941, they gave him one to make him happy. Blondi, not knowing how to read the newspapers or understand the radio, is always been fond of Adolf and she even died with him on April 30, 1945.

Famous Dog Trainer

A famous famous dog trainer is a TV personality which is known in America, in Italy already less. Is called César Millán and is in truth a writer and Mexican dog educator naturalized in the United States, now known for reality show Dog Whisperer - A dog psychologist.

He started working for the dogs of the stars some time ago, gradually trained those of Ridley Scott, Vin Diesel, Jada Pinkett Smith, until he had enormous visibility. His career took off and a few years ago Millàn also founded his first one Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles.

Famous dogs in cartoons

Of all the famous dogs in cartoons and comics, first of all the mythical Snoopy, I decided to delve into the shadowy figure, undeservedly, of Samson. He is the dog protagonist of a comic strip created by the American artist Brad Anderson in 1954. Samson's stories always have the Winslow family at the center, he is a Great Dane and his original name is Marmaduke. In Italy the strips appeared mainly on Mickey Mouse.

Famous dogs in movies

Famous dogs abound in movies as in cartoons, and in telefilms and TV series, something similar happens. A very exciting star dog is Hachikō, protagonist of various films, the most famous being the one directed by Lasse Hallström, "Hachi: A Dog's Tale ", with Richard Gere.

This animal is Akita Inu breed, white fur, loyal. It was a professor's dog, accompanied him to the station to take the train to go to work, in the evening on his return he waited at the station to take him home. When his master died, Hachiko continued to wait for him at the station, Same place, same time. for ten years.

Other famous dogs and famous films about dogs, indedicated article.

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