Wild asparagus, many tips

Wild asparagus, many tips

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All information onwild asparagus, from the right time to where to find them. Tips on cultivation and recipes to cook them at their best.

The wild asparagus they differ from the classics asparagus that we find on the market for their bitter taste. On this page we will see how to cook and how to grow asparagus, we will also give you some advice on the period and where to find them.

It is not easy to find them on the market in any form: neither fresh from the kitchen, nor in the form of "feet" for cultivation, nor in the form of seeds to germinate.

Who intends grow wild asparagus must produce them directly by collecting the seeds of plants already present in nature, yes but… where to find them?

The seeds of wild asparagus can only be found at specialized retailers (we will indicate some of them later), once the seeds or other plant material for propagation have been obtained, the wild asparagus they can also be grown in the family garden.

Wild asparagus, how to cook them

The shoots of wild asparagus they are eaten like those of the common asparagus: they can be seared in a pan with oil, salt and eggs, or they can be boiled and served with melted butter and hard-boiled eggs.

More imaginative recipes involve combining wild asparagus with shrimp, speck or potatoes. The omelette with wild asparagus and speck, pappardelle with prawns and cuttlefish, creps with asparagus cream or, raw rolls, parmesan and asparagus.

For some tasty recipes to prepare withwild asparaguswe refer you to the pageRisotto with asparagus.

Wild asparagus, cultivation

As stated, it is not easy to find seeds or seedlings of wild asparagus. The monthly "Life in the Countryside ", in a special dedicated to cultivation of asparagus in the vegetable gardendomestic, reported the addresses and contact details of some retailers who have seeds, bare root or potted plants of wild asparagus. For each reseller we indicate the location and telephone contact. Before going personally, we invite you to call to request the availability of these maps.

  • Gordon Darcy Farm - Loc. Il Piano - 06040 Vallo di Nera (Perugia) - Tel. 0743 616300 - Cell. 338 7075762. Offers wild asparagus seedlings with bare root and wild asparagus seeds.
  • Vivaio Di Maio by Alessandro Di Maio - Via Valle Annunziata, 113 - 81050 Francolise (Caserta) - Tel. And fax 0823 874511 - Cell. 339 3738792 - 339 2563326. It proposes seedlings of asparagus in pots.

The most willing could buy the seeds by taking advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon you can often find wild asparagus seeds in sachets of 20 or 40 units. To see if they are available at this time of the year, check the official Amazon page:wild asparagus seeds on Amazon.

For growing wild asparagus, it takes passion

For grow wild asparagus it takes a lot of patience: a first year will pass from sowing to producing a seedling ready for transplanting. After the transplant it is necessary to allow 3-4 years to pass before proceeding with the collection of the shoots, the collection will be carried out for two months.Beware of how you harvest: the elderly seekers of wild asparagusthey say that the white stalk should not be extracted underground so that it repeats several times.

The image above, always taken from the periodical"Life in the Countryside", shows the various stages ofcultivation of wild asparagus.

Wild asparagus, where to find them

Previously we told you where to findwild asparagus to grow. The plants that have already been developed can be ideal for those who want, at least in part, to shorten the times ofcultivation.

Who, however, does not wantgrow wild asparagusbut he wants themto collectin the first person, he can go into the woods. L'wild asparagusit grows spontaneously throughout the Italian peninsula. In the center-south, wild asparagus of the "Pungent" type, better said, is easily foundspiny asparagus.

Theperiodright forcollect wild asparagusfalls in April.

Wild asparagus, where to find them? Explore your region, always respecting regional legislation and private properties, explore the places where wild asparagus can be found. Go on an adventure in uncultivated land, in the scrubland, on the edge of the woods, in sparse broad-leaved woods, in holm oak groves, in old stepped olive groves with dry stone walls and among brambles. Good luck for the harvest!

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