Flowers for baptism

Flowers for baptism

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We think of jewels or dresses, toys or an envelope with money, but almost never flowers for baptism. Yet sometimes they are a great anti-waste gift to avoid flooding new parents with objects that are useless or that can be duplicates. You will receive maybe 7 red onesie, 6 music boxes, 5 puppets for bedtime and zero flowers for baptism. Such a shame as I am a message of joy and participation, not demanding but very meaningful and welcome.

Flower arrangements for baptism

The compositions of flowers for baptism they are usually white in color, or in any case white is the predominant color. But nobody forbids us to be creative and invent the most bizarre compositions, without falling into bad taste.

Often they are associated with white soft colors like pink and blue, or the yellow that ends up being suitable for both males, females, and pairs of twins.

Flowers for baptism to give

If you want to give flowers for baptism, you can choose some classic formats if you don't know your parents' tastes well. If instead you are in confidence. It is always better to give flowers for baptism that show how our choice is not casual but targeted. Dedicated to our friends and their creature.

Flowers for baptism for confetti

These flowers for baptism must be chosen by the parents and it is usually better to bet on paper or plastic flowers. Obviously, the greenest choice is paper, which is then recycled. There are some flowers made with the origami technique that can really turn out to be masterpieces, to be preserved!

Flowers for baptism: male

For the baptism of a male child the most common choice is that of blue flowers. But if we don't want to be trivial, we can wander. The tulip it is an interesting flower and gives us the opportunity to mix many colors, or to choose one but different from blue. An equally original alternative is a delicate flower bouquet, with white lilies or daisies.

Flowers for baptism: baby girl

Flowers for pink baptism for a baby girl? I propose yellow or orange which are very bright and pleasant colors but less obvious and banal. The daisies, they are simple and magical, but even the gerberas can create an elegant and at the same time character effect.

White, with colorful decorations such as ribbons or plush, it can be a good choice if you want to stay more sober.

Centerpiece flowers for baptism

Self we organized informal refreshmentsand to celebrate our baby's baptism, we will also have tables to prepare. Then it is impossible not to put a nice flowered centerpiece to convey a sense of happiness and hospitality. Again the white is the first choice, but it also depends on where the table is located.

Inside, better choose light colors and not too strong, but outdoors, if the refreshment is held in a garden, for example, we can also dare red, orange, fuchsia or lilac flowers.

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