Leash for dogs that pull

Leash for dogs that pull

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Dog leash who pull, who is able to educate the animal without hurting him and without even making the owner make an excessive effort, because sometimes, and I say this with knowledge of the facts and long experiences behind him, educate a dog not to pulling, especially large ones, is exhausting. Other than going to the gym: without a leash for pulling dogs, a walk with your 4-legged friend can be really challenging.
There are however various models on the market, of Dog leash that pull, equipped with a traction reducer and an automatic foot return device that does not hurt the dog but neither does it risk a fall or a tear in the arm.

Leash for pulling dogs: what is it for

There are models of Dog leash who even pull gold medals in an international contest of inventions called "Concours Lepine", also used by the Paris Police for dogs used as "4-legged agents".

This and other similar leashes allow owners to educate quickly the animal by convincing him not to pull but without causing him pain. It relies on both a physical factor and a psychological factor, the dog is deluded into being in an advantageous position in terms of strength and endurance. Warning us as dominant subjects, the dog will end up obeying us by stopping to pull.

Pulling dog leash: how it works

As mentioned, the theoretical functioning of the Dog leash that start from the fact that the dog must understand from what sense to take the dominant / dominated relationship. He is the dominated and this must be evident, otherwise he will drag us.

The Dog leash that pull is made partly of nylon and is equipped with a handle, depending on the size and type of dog, it can be taken in various lengths. Then there is a part in elastic rubber equipped with a musket in bronze that can be attached to any collar or harness.

Suitable for the power of the dog, the elastic of which the Dog leash that pull is equipped, manages to absorb the force, reusing it for the benefit of us masters. The Dog Leash model which pull should also be chosen based on the weight of the animal and its strength.

Pulling dog leash: benefits

In addition to the obvious advantage of trying to convince a dog to stop pulling, the Dog leash that pull brings others and not always imaginable. Seeing is believing, but I begin to anticipate the main ones. Such a device avoids us pain and possible tendinitis, a possible risk if the dog always pulls. On the other hand, with the elastic, its tugging is cushioned and absorbed, no more jerking and danger of falling.

There elastic part, special, absorbs more than 50% of the strength of the dog and control it better, as long as we position ourselves in a stable way and not already in a precarious balance. For who wants walk the dog on a leash in an elegant and tidy way, with this invention, he can get him used to staying at his foot without necessarily shouting orders that then go unheard.

There's a mechanism that automatically draws to the feet the hammer automatically withdraws it back every time it pulls, without choking it. Day after day, the dog will stop insisting and learn how to do it, so the leash for dogs that pull also has an educational function in the long term.

Leash for pulling dogs: use

Starting the walk, let's keep the dog close to us, on the one hand and never in front of us, making sure that the head remains at the level of the knee until we see that it obeys and walks at the same speed as us. If the dog growls, barks, is aggressive or too agitated, we can correct it immediately by giving it a small but very energetic tug. A couple of times and then he will begin to figure out what to do to avoid it

Pulling dog leash: alternatives

There are other types of leashes and collars, or harnesses, which are defined as educational. Let's see what they are and what characteristics they have. The choke chain collar, made of metal, strangles the dog when pulling and can cause choking or severe trachea.

The muzzle collar turn the dog's head to the side, changing its direction and twisting its neck when pulling. It doesn't hurt but it doesn't educate it, it will start pulling as before as soon as we take it off. The same goes for the special anti-draft harness which also risks creating skin irritations under the dog's front legs.

Not even the leash with an iron spring, the one with the end made of an elasticized nylon strap, the one with an elastic sandow with two handles. The electric collar is to be avoided, electric shocks are not dangerous but painful and traumatizing.

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