Nocturnal animals: what they are, complete list

Nocturnal animals: what they are, complete list

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Nocturnal animals, recent and famous film, but they have existed for centuries and have watched over our dreams for centuries. Sometimes even about our nightmares. They are of various types, from the most likeable to the terrifying, large or small, harmless or dangerous. They are defined nocturnal animals that practice their activities mainly after sunset, they usually have eyes capable of seeing even in darkness and highly developed sense of smell or hearing. Requirements that are almost essential for living and moving easily in the night.

Nocturnal animals in the garden

There are those we can easily meet in the garden if we go out in the moonlight. The cat it is an animal that lives a lot at night, even if it lives indoors, moreover, even more so if it has a garden at its disposal.

The dormouse not easy to have in the garden but never say never, more likely to find the mice, the shrews, the hedgehog and some reptiles. Yes, unfortunately some of them are nocturnal animals and it is not pleasant to meet them in the dark, usually they are geckos which, although not beautiful, are harmless. We can also mention insects: the mosquito, the firefly and the moth.

Nocturnal animals: forest

In the forest at night there is great activity, between the fox, the bear, the deer and many other animals who have no intention of going to rest at nightfall. Although they do not have strictly nocturnal characteristics, they are active in this period of the day for reasons of safety or survival.

In addition to those already mentioned, we can take as an example of nocturnal forest animals also the porcupine, skilled swimmer who loves to hunt undisturbed at night, e the raccoon, also called raccoon, which tends to rummage through bins and houses, silently at night.

The dormouse it is particularly active at night, when it is not hibernating, and loves to roam among the branches in search of fruit, insects and flowers. L'Opossum, with its big black eyes, it hunts at night because it sees like few other nocturnal animals.

Flying nocturnal animals

THE bats they are the first birds that come to most people's minds, and they are nocturnal birds and have ad hoc features to turn at night at best. Although most birds are diurnal, there are also nocturnal ones.

THECaprimulgides,for example, which devour flying insects, or the barn owl which with its special plumage can move flying very silently. Also there dwarf owl it is a nocturnal animal that flies, but is very peaceful and not particularly active.

Both the long-eared owl and the eagle owl are nocturnal animals, the second is less common and unfortunately it is less and less common, in fact it risks disappearing in our country.

Nocturnal animals: complete list

A list is long and boring, better get to know those who live in our own environment and gradually letting ourselves be carried away by expanding our exploration range. On line, however, there are sites where all nocturnal animals they are named in order and divided by categories.

Nocturnal animals: the film

It does not have animals as its protagonists but it is so called. IS' the film with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, a good film that we can also find for sale on Amazon.

Nocturnal animals to be colored

No less than farm or domestic ones, the nocturnal animals they offer fun to children who, while coloring them, can imagine the mysterious life of these living beings who do not go to sleep at night.

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