Lunch break: what to eat

Lunch break: what to eat

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Lunch break, never skip it, but it's not enough. To keep fit and healthy, without weighing yourself down and having an inappropriate or unwanted bite at work, it is necessary know what to eat and when. Better if we also begin to be interested in why.

Lunch break: why it is important

The first piece of advice that is unanimously given by all is that of don't skip your lunch break. It is the worst choice to make, even worse than junk food, because otherwise you risk having a drop in energy, both mentally and physically. This means being more nervous or absent, work worse or, if we don't have to work, don't enjoy the free afternoon ahead.

Even if we have little time or little money in your pocket, let's not just munch on an energy bar or a simple fruit, with a little organization you can be able to enjoy a quick, balanced and healthy lunch.

Many think they can lose weight or avoid gaining weight, eliminating complex carbohydrates, therefore bread, pasta, rice, in truth the foods to be eliminated are others: greasy or fried ones, or packaged sweets and sandwiches with mayonnaise.

What to eat during your lunch break: ideas and good habits

Even the salad, often praised for being "healthy" it is not always the best choice if you want to stay light but have energy. In fact, if we enrich it with boiled eggs, mozzarella and tuna, it becomes much heavier and more caloric than a tomato and mozzarella sandwich or a sandwich filled with simple but complete filling. The best choice is that of a second with vegetables, easy to digest and which stimulates the metabolism.

There are other things to know that can help us choose. For example, just condemn the loaf of bread because although it is more caloric, it is useful and functional since two slices are eaten for a sandwich, therefore about 40 grams. Even if we use regular bread, let's stuff it with proteins and vegetables, not only with the former, but not only with the latter. Avoiding sauces that are too fatty.

If we are pasta and rice lovers, and we can't give them up, no sacrifice is necessary. Just prepare them with sauces also containing proteins which, absurdly, make them lighter. Regarding the desserts, even here, nobody asks us to give them up, as long as they are not very elaborate.

Lunch break in Milan

For those who live or pass by in Milan and want to do a light lunch break but at the same time that it provides energy, it can jump to That’s Steam. It is a place where eat light Italian cuisine, steamed food on the spot, including pasta with vegetables, meat and fish. It is located in Corso di Porta Vittoria but also in Piazza Gae Aulenti and in other parts of the city.

Lunch break: duration

Less than a quarter of an hour cannot last a lunch break e 15 minutes is just the minimum necessary. In truth it would take a good half hour to be able to consume lunch in a serene way, chewing adequately and without overdoing it. Risk they run many people who eat outside the home: in Italy there are 12 million, one third goes to the canteen, about 14% goes to restaurants, the same percentage goes to a bar and well over 35% carries around "The schiscetta". A handy is on sale at 14 euros on Amazon, hermetic and with 4 compartments.

Lunch break: legislation

Every worker has the right to a lunch break, it is not in question, it is essential and it is also in the interest of the boss why serves to recover the psycho-physical energies. It must be a right of all workers, then there are various collective agreements that provide for times and methods, as well as certain categories of workers, such as video terminals, domestic workers and transporters, for which ad hoc procedures are envisaged.

Lunch break during pregnancy

If it ever goes skipped, in pregnancy, never, ever. The lunch break is to be done regularly and with particular attention to times and methods. It must be studied a menu that provides all the necessary substances in balanced proportions: about 50% of the calories in carbohydrates, 30% from fats and the remaining 20% ​​from proteins. Particular attention is also paid to the intake of vitamins, especially C, and mineral salts.

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