DIY rabbit cage

DIY rabbit cage

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DIY rabbit cage for those who host one in their homes and certainly cannot allow them to go around as much as they want. This does not mean keeping it closed 24 hours a day but it is normal, also for reasons of hygiene and safety, that there is a need for a rabbit cage, even do it yourself, for emergencies. On the farm or on farms, however, it is more logical and frequent than i rabbits spend more time behind bars: like it or not, it's a fact.

Cage for dwarf rabbits

A cage for dwarf rabbits, it may seem even less necessary and instead it is because, both indoors and outdoors, there must be a fence. Not only that: it should not be improvised, because if we love our animal, we must build it or buy it by checking that it has some particular characteristics so that they respect the body and needs of our rabbit.

A cage for dwarf rabbits must always extend upwards as well, we should not underestimate these animals even if they are not enormous in size. Also it is a way to prevent them from being prey to hawks and crows, that could catch them. And if our rabbit cage is to be placed in the garden, it cannot fail to foresee that the rodent will try to dig to pass the fence and escape. These outdoor structures, therefore, they must be buried for at least a few tens of centimeters, in order to prevent the rabbits from digging below.

For what concern positioning of the dwarf rabbit cage, or even non-dwarfs, we make sure they don't stay too much in the sun. Whether we place them on a balcony, or if they are in the garden, they better stay in the shade for most of the day, but be careful in winter because they are not animals that can endure cold temperatures for a long time.

DIY rabbit cage

The precautions reported so far, all apply to the DIY rabbit cage. The height, the underground excavation barriers and also the dimensions: we do not force the animal into too tight corners, both for its freedom and because it does not become a smelly and dark den, also difficult to clean.

In addition to building a DIY rabbit cage, we can also furnish it. The bare minimum are those objects that keep the animal company: soft toys and cute toys. In pet shops now there are many, let's choose them by checking that they are safe.

There DIY cage for a rabbit it can also be convenient because it can be changed over time if the rabbit grows, or if another one is adopted, or if we change apartment and obviously take our friend to the new house.

Rabbit cage: cost

A rabbit cage that can be can also be used for cats or small dogs, purchased with Amazon can cost from 25 to 50-70 euros, with dimensions of 140 x 140. This "Bunny Business" it has a 55-inch opening with mesh cover, and costs 30 euros, is suitable for domestic use and equipped to shelter the animal that rests there from the sun.

Cage for breeding rabbits

To breed the rabbits a preparation is necessary that cannot be only of the first coat. For this we refer you to reading our dedicated article: How to start a rabbit breeding.

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